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Varsity 2016: UKC Women’s Volleyball triumph over CCCU

Varsity 2016: UKC Women’s Volleyball triumph over CCCU

UKC Women's Volleyball Varsity 2016

Following the fantastic victory for UKC Badminton, the game that followed was women’s volleyball and it was UKC who carried on the winning streak as they prevailed 3-0. 

Having won Varsity last year, the women’s volleyball team would have been looking to emulate their success from then as well as bounce back from a recent defeat against Royal Holloway’s 1st team.

The pre-match warm-up was already filling the growing audience with anticipation and when the match started, it certainly did not disappoint in terms of thrills.

UKC were rampant from the start as they stormed to a 12 -6 lead within first 15 minutes. CCCU could not cope with the formidable presence of Winky, UKC’s outside hitter, who was having a phenomenal game and dominating with her powerful spikes which helped to secure the first set, 25-17.

Winky, Cheng spikes the ball for UKC. Photo by Patrick Kamalu

Winky Cheng spikes the ball for UKC. Photo by Patrick Kamalu


If CCCU were to stand any chance of winning the match, they would have had to perform better in the second set. However, it was UKC who further imposed themselves on the court as they continued they same way the finished the first set.

The score-line reflected their dominance and at 18-10 to the away side, UKC could almost sense victory on the cards. Featuring some outstanding performances from the likes of, club president, Isabelle Schreuder as well as Fabiana Tesauro, the team closed out the second set with a score of 25-17.

The third set proved to be significantly tighter as CCCU showed amazing fighting spirit to not give up the match so easily as they held their own against UKC. At one point, the home side were leading against Kent, 6-2 and for a brief moment, it appeared as though complacency and fatigue was beginning to weigh in on UKC. But the Kent side held their nerve to level the scores and ultimately take the lead to seal the third set, 25-22 meaning they were once again Varsity 2016 champions.


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