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Disappointing performance from UKC Men’s Football 3s leads to clear loss

Disappointing performance from UKC Men’s Football 3s leads to clear loss

Although Kent FC had some promising moments, the CCCU Men’s Football 3s were clear winners today. Max Beckett reports.

mens 3s

UKC and CCCU Men’s Football 3s warming up before kick-off



Right from kick-off, it was quite apparent that CCCU meant business. Within fifteen seconds, they had already created the first chance of the game by testing the UKC defence with a promising move through the centre of the pitch. They were first to every ball, winners of every header and faster to every position. UKC definitely had to up their game.

Both sides seemed to lack in terms of finishing quality, with many efforts going high, wide or both, so it is no surprise that when CCCU’s first goal eventually came, it was a scrappy one. A conveniently-placed free-kick led to a goalmouth scramble, with a CCCU striker finally turning the ball in just from being in the right place at the right time. Their second goal came just a matter of a few minutes later, when a UKC defensive mishap placed the ball right in front of a CCCU striker, who just had to turn it past one player before comfortably finishing it past the keeper one-on-one.

The rest of the half and a lot of the second half didn’t see any goals, but played out in similar fashion. UKC were being out-muscled, out-ran and out-played. Towards the end of the second half, CCCU confirmed their win with a third goal, again with a one-on-one situation coming out of a surprise attacking break. UKC showed a lot more promise in the latter 45 minutes, shooting a lot more and generally playing better, with a lot of impressive one-touch passing moves along the ground. However, despite this, and despite clinching a late finish near injury time, it was merely consolatory.


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