Lauren Sullivan was at the game as UKC recorded a stunning victory over their intercity rivals to secure the Varisty 2016 crown.

The atmosphere at the University of Kent American football match against Canterbury Christchurch was amazing. There was plenty of support for both sides, with the UKC cheerleading team making an appearance to keep spirits high. UKC kicked off the game at 1pm on the Parkwood fields, with CCCU receiving.

Failing to score, CCCU faked a punt to try and make the first down, which didn’t end up working in their favour. On one of their early offensive drives, UKC stormed through with the first touchdown of the gamescored with a run from running back Josh Douglas not long into the first quarter. UKC decided to go for two points with Chris Mallet running the ball into the end zone to make the score 8-0 to UKC.

Still in the first quarter and CCCU fumble the ball, with UKC hot on their heels to recover. Then not long after that, UKC fumble and CCCU recover, brilliant play from both teams. The first quarter ends with 8-0 to UKC.

Kicking off the second quarter, Kent made their way down the pitch with a deep pass to Max Aleko which was caught, fumbled and then recovered by UKC to place them on the one yard line. UKC then decided to go for a run from Quarterback Dom Trowbridge resulting in their second touchdown of the game, again converting for the two points making the score 16-0 UKC. Play then resumed with CCCU kicking off but due to an unsuccessful drive, CCCU were pushed back deep into their own half and were forced to punt the ball. However this punt was blocked by UKC but recovered by CCCU only to concede a safety. This left the score at 18-0 UKC at half time.

After a quick break at half time, CCCU kicked off for the third quarter. Tensions were running high as player 69 from CCCU was ejected from the pitch for displaying un-sportsmanlike behaviour. Despite this altercation, play quickly resumed with UKC’s Chris Mallet scoring yet another touchdown but unfortunately UKC were unable to make the two point conversion, making the score 24-0 UKC.

The fourth quarter then began, with both teams giving it their all to try and score a final touchdown before the end of the game. The two minute warning was announced and the crowd went wild, cheering and yelling words of encouragement to both teams. Finally, the whistle blew and UKC celebrated in a fantastic win, the final score being 24-0 to UKC. At the end of the match, both teams came together to shake hands and congratulate each other on an excellent game.