Formula One Second Half Review pt. 2 – Singapore

Formula One Second Half Review pt. 2 – Singapore

The race on Sunday 22nd September saw an electrifying race to equal its magnificent setting, with fantastic starts and manoeuvres seeing future 2014 Ferrari team-mates Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen overcome fraught qualifying sessions to step upon the podium in second and third a Sebastian Vettel dominate to victory.

As the sun went down in Singapore the heat on track began to rise during Saturday’s qualifying as the shoot-out for pole went down to the wire with Sebastian Vettel choosing not to go out for a second run in Q3 despite the pace of the Mercedes drivers. In the end Vettel’s bravery was rewarded as he secured pole by the skin of his teeth, as Roseberg put in a lap a fraction slower in the dying moments of the session. Romain Grosjean managed to secure third on the grid as his departing team-mate Kimi Raikkonen suffered from a bad back and was unable to get through to Q3, lining up 13th on the grid. The misfortunes for Sebastian Vettel’s title rivals continued on to Fernando Alonso who was yet again out-qualified by his team-mate Felipe Massa, who has seen a surge in form since Ferrari’s announcement he would be leaving the team as they welcomed back 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen next season. The Ferrari’s lined up sixth and seventh on the grid, with Webber and Hamilton ahead in fourth and fifth respectively.

As the lights went out hopes for a stop to Vettel’s dominance rose as Nico Roseberg took the lead into turn one, but these hopes were quickly dashed as a slight run out wide gifted the lead back to Vettel. Behind Alonso yet again showcased the perfect race start moving from seventh to third on the grid with a fantastically daring move around the outside. The knock on effect of this move reverberated behind as Mark Webber had to brake harshly to avoid colliding with the Ferrari, this in turn causing Lewis Hamilton to run wide. The misfortune continued for Lewis Hamilton as he managed to overtake Felipe Massa but was ordered to give back the position as the manoeuvre was deemed illegal as it was made over the white lines of the circuit.

On lap eleven Raikkonen pits as his tyres were graining due to fighting through the field, comes out 19 in clean air. Three laps later Webber pits due to rears going off comes out eighth, quickly moving past Riccardo for seventh.

Perez fights side by side with Hulkenberg on lap sixteen, two laps after this fight Hulkenberg is asked to give the place back to Perez as he was deemed to have gained an advantage around turn seven.

Paul di Resta releases the chasing pack as he pits allowing Alonso to move away from Webber stacked the pack behind.

The inevitable safety car emerged on lap 25 as Daniel Riccardo hit the wall at turn 18. This causes Alonso, Grosjean and Raikkonen pit wile Webber and Vettel stay out, Raikkonen had to wait 6 seconds for people to pass.

A strange air consumption issue befalls Romain Grosjean, and the resulting slow remedy by Lotus puts him right at the back of the grid.

On lap 49 Webber passed Gutierrez then Roseberg through into turn ninth and five laps later right behind Hulkenberg making the move around turn seven.

The retirements came thick and fist, first with Paul di Resta colliding with the Barriers on lap fifty five Paul di Resta then two laps later a brake issue emerged on Mark Webber’s car which ultimately saw him retire on the final lap as flames emerged from the car on turn seven. The bad luck continued even after the race for mark Webber as he gained a ten place grid penalty for the next race after Fernando Alonso gave him a lift back to the pits on his car. The pair both received a reprimand but the reprimand was the third of the season for Webber causing his penalty.

A convincing win by Sebastian Vettel, with Fernando Alonso managing to use fantastic strategy to gain a second place after a long final stint after pitting under the safety car. This strategy also allowed Raikkonen to gain third place from Roseberg, Hamilton and then Massa in sixth.

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