BUCS – Team Kent Enjoy Winning Wednesday

BUCS – Team Kent Enjoy Winning Wednesday

Wednesday 12 November saw a successful fifth round of BUCS fixtures for Team Kent, with 13 wins and 5 losses.

Some of the teams were playing in the South-Eastern conference cup and plate competitions. Of these, the men’s squash teams and men’s second tennis team both made it through to the next round.

The women’s football squad came agonisingly close to progressing. From 4 – 1 down they managed to come back to make the final score 5 – 4 and give Queen Mary firsts a scare.

The basketball team also enjoyed a very successful Wednesday with both teams coming home victorious by substantial margins.

The netball fourths enjoyed a big win over Buckingham New University

Here are the results in full:

Men’s 1st vs Westminster 1st (W) 8 – 0
Women’s 1st vs Queen Mary 1st (L) 2 – 6
Men’s 1st vs Chichester 2nd (W) 101 – 56
Women’s 1st vs Surrey 1st (W) 109 – 24
Men’s 1st vs Sussex 1st (W) 124 – 116
Men’s 1st vs Essex 1st (W) 3 – 0
Women’s 1st vs Queen Mary 1st (L) 4 – 5
Mixed 1st vs Portsmouth 1st (L) 2.5 – 3.5
Men’s 1st vs Essex 1st (W) 3 – 1
Women’s 1st vs Brunel 1st (W) 3 – 0
Women’s 2nd vs CCCU 1st (L) 21 – 66
Women’s 4th vs Bucks 2nd (W) 44 – 28

The men’s basketball team had a big win over Chichester


Men’s 1st vs Essex 3rd (W) 5 – 0
Women’s 1st vs Essex 2nd (W) 3 – 1


Men’s 1st vs Brighton 1st (W) 8 – 4
Men’s 2nd vs Brunel 2nd (W) 10 – 2
Men’s 1st vs Essex 2nd (L) 1 – 3
Women’s 1st vs Middlesex 1st (W) 2 – 0


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