The InQuire Guide to Getting Active: Intercollege Netball

The InQuire Guide to Getting Active: Intercollege Netball


Do you want to get active but find yourself short of ideas? You should try Intercollege Netball! Ginny Sanderson, InQuire’s very own Newspaper Comment editor and herself a seasoned netballer, reports on what it is and how you can get involved.

On Saturday 22 November I went back to my days as a fresher and played for Darwin in the intercollege netball.

What is intercollege netball I hear you ask. It is a monthly netball tournament between the campus colleges, where the winner takes the glory. The closest thing I can compare it to in terms of thrills is the Triwizard Tournament, and that’s not just because my name is Ginny.

The atmosphere is super chilled out: there is room here for netball enthusiasts of all skills and even genders – guys are welcome to show up and they really can be quite formidable, as James Ruggis and Will Levack-Payne demonstrated at the weekend.

Saturday’s games started with Darwin vs. Eliot, which resulted in a draw of five goals a side. The top scorers were Imogen Duffin and Emma Salt.


Intercollege Netball is open to both men and women

Darwin then went on to lose against Rutherford by a very narrow margin: the final score was 9-10. Once again, the fearsome Imogen Duffin stood out as Darwin’s Goal Attack/Shooter, while James Ruggis intimidated anyone marking him with his height and determination, to put it lightly.

The final game was a showdown between Rutherford and Eliot. I think it’s fair to say Rutherford swept the floor with the Eliot team (sorry), with a final score of 15-1. The top scorer for this match was Cathy Mclearie and the standout players were Alice Dowitt and Will Levack-Payne. A condescending pat on the back to you all.

Unfortunately, Keynes was not represented as too few people turned up. Come on, Keynes! Luckily there’s a chance to redeem yourselves in the next intercollege tournament, which takes place on the 6 December.

It’s a great opportunity for some healthy competition between colleges. It’s not serious, it’s just a bit of fun and a chance to play sport with some extremely cool peeps.

Next term, intercollege will be taking place 24 Jan, 21 February and 28 March, so swing by.


Photographs courtesy of Ginny Sanderson


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