10 Own Goals That Shook the World

In light of some recent spectacular own goals, George Dagless takes a look at some of the best (or worst, depending on who you support) own goals of all time.

There are very few things that make me smile more on a football pitch than when a player whips the ball past his own keeper. “What on Earth was he trying there?” is the question on most people’s lips as the player who did it looks for the nearest hole to dive into. Here are 10 of the best:

1. Jamie Carragher Comes Dancing

Jamie Carragher gets his feet mixed up and slams in the opener in the 2006 FA Cup. Why he hasn’t been invited on Strictly Come Dancing yet baffles me.

2. The Lee Dixon Lob

Lee Dixon whips the ball over David Seaman’s head in one of the quickest own goals of all time. Nice one Dicko!

3. The Broken Nose that Scored

Chris Brass goes for the audacious over-head clearance. Instead, he nails himself in the face with the ball. Clearly, many things go through his mind, primarily “where can I repair my broken nose?”

4. The Spectacular Popovic

Goal of the season if this goes in the right end. Unfortunately it didn’t for Tony Popovic. He probably couldn’t repeat the feat, even if he tried to do it a hundred times.

5. The Wes Brown

What I like about this goal is that Wes Brown arrives like a train to try and stop Crystal Palace scoring and ends up rifling home himself.

6. The Vergini Volley

Another Sunderland defender, Santiago Vergini, curls a volley past Vito Mannone. The important thing is to keep your composure after moments like this, something Sunderland didn’t manage as they went on to lose 8-0.

7. Never Mind The Pollocks

With the poise and grace of a South American, Jamie Pollock flicks the ball over one opposition player’s head and then loops his own keeper with a header.

8. Kick and Miss

Debatable as to whether to put this goal down to the Croatian groundsmen or Gary Neville. Although it’s England, it is quite funny.

9. The Ghost Ball

Peter Enckleman shows us why he was a goalkeeper as his (err) ‘control’ lets him down in a derby between Birmingham and Aston Villa.

10. Own Goal of the Season Winner 2014/5 (thus far)

Christoph Kramer: a World Cup winner and now, Own Goal of the Season winner. From inside the centre circle as well. Fantastic!


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