InQuire Live Sport’s Alternative Guide To Christmas Exercise

InQuire Live Sport’s Alternative Guide To Christmas Exercise

Christmas Day is fast approaching and what better way to continue the festive cheer than to propose some sporting activities befitting of the season (I apologise in advance for the cheesiness).


‘Tis the season to play foot-bauble…

  1. Foot-bauble: Give your Christmas ornaments another use and have a kick-around with the decorative pieces. Shoes are recommended (unless you have mistle-toes of steel). It is not just limited to foot-based frivolity either; basket-bauble, volley-bauble and net-bauble are all fun ways to work up a yuletide sweat.
  1. Ping Pong Merrily on High: Table tennis with a seasonal spin! Compete with friends and family over the dining table while belting out the much loved Christmas carol.
  1. Football Christmas Carolling: Football fans could unite and replace their normal match-day chants with these alternatives:
  • Andy Carroll of the Bells
  • Santi Claus-orla is Comin’ to Town
  • We Three Kings of Leyton Orient Are
  • All I Want for Christmas is Zlatan


Why not dust-off the well-known footballing carols

Why not dust-off well-known footballing carols such as “All I Want For Christmas Is Zlatan”

  1. The Wreath Off: Now this activity could potentially cause harmonious but heated rifts between teams. In pure Pitch Perfect style, this is an intense sing-off between two or more wreath-wearing, a cappella groups. Whoever wins will gain the title of best (or worst) carol-singing a cappella group.
  1. The Appren-tinsel: Re-enact the famous boardroom and fight for the coveted spot as Lord Santa’s Christmas partner. Participants must complete the designated challenges each day in the run up to a grand finale where the winner will be awarded the best cracker toy. Try to keep this as professional as possible and refrain from being Rude-olph…


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