Megan Warwick

Sports Editor


Meg is the Sports Website Editor for InQuire, and enjoys writing articles for the Sports, Entertainment and Culture sections. She has been a part of several societies/sport at university and extra curricular activity, including Keynes President and Women’s Lacrosse 2nds Team Captain.

It’s BUCS, it’s back and it’s better than ever. Updated weekly with what’s on this Weds for BUCS, read on to see highlights and what’s not to be missed!

Basketball: After a smash hit match last week, the women’s 1st are at home again this week and looking to score the victory! The men’s 2nds are also at home, so worth checking out.

Hockey: All seven hockey teams are playing this week, two of the women’s team at home and one of the men’s teams at home – check it out at Parkwood pavilion!

Volleyball: They’re finally in the BUCs game, with their women’s team having a match this Weds.

Rugby: the 3rd and 4th team are at home, but all four men’s teams have matches.

Lacrosse: While both 2nd teams are away at UCL, the Women’s 1st have fixtures against Essex at the pav. Catch the match or regret it.

Football: After all four teams playing away games last week, the Men’s 1st and 2nds and Women’s 1sts are all at home. After the Women’s defeat, hopefully, they can bring it back.

With over forty matches on, there’s plenty to watch. Go on #teamkent, we’ve got this.