(Photograph courtesy of Dave Cocozza)

Tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd October) sees the second round of the 2014/15 BUCS season for UKC’s sports teams. After last week’s mixed results, Team Kent will be looking to return to winning ways on Wednesday. Here is the home fixture list and where you can watch the action on campus:

The women’s netball team have two Varsity warm-ups this week (Photograph courtesy of Rosa Furneaux)

Sport’s Centre


Men’s 1st vs Queen Mary 1st 16:00
Women’s 1st vs Essex 1st 14:00


Men’s 1st vs Reading 1st 14:00


Women’s 2nd vs CCCU 1st 13:30
Women’s 3rd vs CCCU 2nd 15:15
Women’s 4th vs St George’s 2nd 17:00


Men’s 1st vs Reading 1st 14:00
Men’s 2nd vs SOAS 1st 17:00


Women’s 1st vs Surrey 1st 15:00

(Photograph courtesy of Rosa Furneaux)


Parkwood & Pavilion Pitches


Men’s 3rd vs Medway 1st 14:00
Women’s 1st vs Hertfordshire 2nd 14:00


Men’s 2nd vs Essex 1st 14:30
Women’s 1st vs Kings College 1st 16:15


Men’s 1st vs Queen Mary 2nd 14:00


Rough Common Village Hall


Women’s 2nd vs CCCU 1st 14:00