Women’s Fixture

With Lacrosse being one of the best teams on campus, one league above the CCCU side they would face, the Team Kent supporters had faith that they were in for a treat with this year’s women’s match. The girls didn’t disappoint.

The match had barely begun when UKC took the lead, absolutely racing through the CCCU defence and soon making the score 2-0, then 3-0, then 4-0. By half time it looked like the girls were going to romp home, leading by a huge seven points, while CCCU had failed to score. CCCU had had chances, but they were few and far between, with the Kent girls constantly attacking well.

The CCCU team seemed to regroup over the short half time break, attempting a comeback and attacking well. Soon they got a goal back, decreasing the deficit to six points, 7-1. CCCU were inspired by this goal, and soon got another, the comeback was definitely on. Not for long however, as UKC soon got two more goals in quick succession, taking their lead back to seven points. Throughout the rest of the match CCCU played well but seemed defeated, with the Kent ladies scoring another four goals, making the final score 13-2.

Men’s Fixture

For anyone who isn’t sure how lacrosse is played at Varsity, the women’s game is non-contact, with players getting warnings for barging other players or hitting them with their sticks. The men’s game is definitely NOT non-contact. The guys came out in helmets and body pads, making it obvious to any first timers that this match was going to be quite a bit more violent than the women’s game.

Within the first few minutes it also became clear that the men’s teams were more evenly matched than the women’s teams had been. Both teams were attacking and defending well, with the score increasing rapidly, but with UKC taking a slight lead at the end of the first quarter, 3-2. UKC started the second quarter well, managing to increase their lead to two points by the end of the second quarter, with CCCU also scoring, making the half-time score 5-3.

Going into the second half, the teams were still both playing well, but Kent definitely seemed to have the edge, soon going 7-3 up. CCCU soon came back into the game scoring another goal to decrease the deficit again. At this point in the match both teams were playing incredibly, with great end-to-end play and both teams managing to get through each other’s defences, with the score soon reaching 7-4, then 8-4.

To say that confusion as to the score was then rife is a bit of an understatement, with not even the substitutes certain of the score. This was mainly due to amazing play by both teams, and a number of stops and starts during the third and fourth quarters. None of this mattered for Kent however, as (after checking with the ref) the final score was determined as 14-8 to UKC. This, along with the fantastic 13-2 women’s victory, gave UKC another two vital Varsity points.