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REVIEW: Kent Sport One-Month Membership

Victoria Rees

Victoria Rees is InQuire’s website lifestyle editor, and enjoys reading and writing articles about food, health and fashion.

Doing my dissertation over the Easter break has made me a hermit.

Spending most of my time in my room or the library began to feel a bit repressive – sitting down and bending over a desk was starting to take its toll on me. So, I figured the best way to rid myself of these cobwebs was to start a more regimented exercise routine.

Saving me from shelling out money at the beginning of the university term, I invested in having a bronze membership at the gym. A bronze membership means paying only £1 for the membership, and then another £4.40 every time I wanted to use the gym or any sports facilities on campus; unlike the Gold or Silver memberships where you pay a sum of money at the start of term and get to use the sports centres freely after that.



Saving me some pocket money, the bronze membership was a great alternative because I knew I wouldn’t use up the cost of a Gold or Silver membership, but it has meant that I don’t go to the gym as much as I perhaps should. Added with the approach of summer and my lack of a bikini body, I decided to motivate myself by buying the annual One-month Gold membership offered by Kent Sport which ran from April 1st-April 30th.

At only £28, it was a good price for a short span of time. Having no university classes over the break meant that I was free to go to the gym at any time, and I definitely made the money back from if I had been paying my usual bronze membership fee all that time.

Being able to go to the gym to exercise has been fantastic for me. Having the opportunity to exercise whilst revising over the holiday has been a good release from my work and allowed my brain to have a rest and rejuvenate. I’ve found I have more energy and I’m more motivated to eat healthier too. The staff were extremely helpful and gave me tips and advice when exercising so that I would reduce any risk of injury.



The main benefit of this was the space available. With many students heading home for the break, it left most of the equipment free and I was actually able to find a mat.

The one-month membership has been a great addition to my Easter break, and let me venture out of the house when my brain fizzled out from too much revision and the holiday emptied the gym of the normal 6pm Monday crowds.

If you’re feeling groggy and your revision motivation is wearing thin, the gym also has a discounted summer offer lasting from the start of April to the end of August – just in time to work on that beach bod (or procrastinate during those heavy exam periods). This summer membership can be purchased at the Sports reception or visit the Kent Sport website.


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