Kent Pole Fitness

Kent Pole Fitness is a fun and unisex fitness Society teaching Pole classes from Absolute Beginner through to Advanced! No experience or skill required! Get fit, meet people, learn a great skill and come along to socials! To check us out visit our Facebook page:


Kent In-Line Hockey

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, team sport for both guys and girls, to have a great time playing and to keep you in shape, then INLINE HOCKEY is for the sport for you.

Inline Hockey is similar to Ice Hockey, but played on inline skates. The main differences being that Inline Hockey is a less physical sport, contact is allowed but there is no body checking or fighting, making Inline Hockey much more about speed and skill than strength.

Our club caters for complete beginners up to advanced players, with training sessions aimed at all abilities. So don’t hesitate to join! Our members and our coach are more than willing to give tips and skating lessons during the training sessions. We’re also a very social club, and have planned for weekly socials.

Find us on Facebook to get in contact: Kent Knights Inline Hockey

The first two weeks of training are free, so come along and have a go!




Snooker and Pool Society

The first stop for any UKC students wishing to hone their cue skills on campus, the Snooker and Pool Club strives to facilitate both competitive and friendly opportunities for its members. We welcome players of all standards, whether you’re a beginner or a semi-pro, get involved!


We travel across the country and borders for various competitions. We have a good laugh along the way and this year holds plenty more opportunities, especially because of the 50th anniversary, to get to know a fun and friendly bunch of people. There are regular social events and throughout the year we are an active club.

​The club boasts 2 Snooker tables and 2 Pool tables in 2 colleges. The benefits of the membership include free use of these tables throughout the year, free entry into the several internally run tournaments, socials, a chance to represent your University in a sport we all love and more. What a bargain!


So please sign up to our club this year and come to our tasting sessions and events!!

(Follow us on Facebook:​ or on Twitter: @UKCSnookerPool)”


UKC Skydiving

UKC Skydiving is a society for people who wish to experience Skydiving.

We provide the following opportunities at discounted rates:

  • Static Line Training Program (resulting in BPA ‘A’ License)
  • AFF Training Program (resulting in BPA ‘A’ License)
  • Tandem Skydiving
  • Indoor Skydiving

For qualified BPA members, there are many advanced disciplines to experience such as Formation Skydiving, Team Jumping, Free flying (Sit Flying and Head Down) and Wing suiting to name a few.

Skydivers are more likely to progress with a group of the same mindset and UKC Skydiving can provide this!

To join us, and for more information, please find us on Facebook: UKC Skydiving or Email:



Salsa Society

After the first salsa lesson you hear a lot of people saying ‘why did I not come to this before?’. The only disappointing part tends to be not joining salsa earlier. Everyone joins for different reasons and so they all have their own individual stories. Whatever your reason may be – fascination with the dance itself, wanting to keep fit/happy, wanting to become more comfortable around the opposite gender, overcome fear of dancing or just try something new and maybe even make it a hobby – come and give it a try. If you think you don’t have a reason, come along and we promise you will soon discover what that reason is.


We meet on Mondays (7pm in Eliot Hall) and Thursdays (8pm in the Missing Link, Darwin).



Women’s Football

A club made up of a wide range of abilities and ladies from all years of university. We welcome everyone and anyone! We train hard and have regular fixtures and great socials with different themes. Training sessions are on Mondays 6-7.30 and Saturdays (various times) on Parkwood 3G. We have two teams, with the first team playing matches in BUCS on Wednesdays and the second team playing on Sundays in a local league. Membership is £45 per year. Join us if you want to have a laugh, exercise, improve your football skills and play competitive football!


Karate Club

Want to improve your fitness whilst feeling like Bruce Lee? Join the Kent Karate Club!

Our club trains primarily in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu karate, led by experienced instructors and supported by a number of other senior members from different styles such as Shotokan and Wado-Ryu, meaning all karateka can come together and improve.

As a club we cover all basic interests in karate, including self-defence, kata (a sequence of movements), kumite (fighting), agility and power (through kihon), this means that there is always something for everyone!

Throughout the year we have seminars lead by guest instructors, including those from the worldwide Jindokai federation, who have years of experience in traditional and competitive sport karate. This December we will be hosting a weekend seminar at the Sports Centre together with Bath and Nottingham students, as well as some clubs in the local area.

Even though we train hard and practice a martial art, we are a friendly club. Throughout the year we organise socials for our members which include belt bar crawls specials to martial art movie marathons.

For further details please look us up on Facebook ‘Shinbukan Karate – University of Kent – Forum’

We look forward to seeing you!




Football Fans Society

Do you enjoy watching football, having a kickabout with friends or just discussing the latest news in the footballing world?


Then this is the society for you!


Joining this society will allow you to make friends by meeting other fans to take part in our many football related events!


Our main events include socials at campus bars for the big matches of the year (Champions League, El Clasico etc.)​, kickabout matches on the 3G pitches, FIFA tournaments in Mungo’s with cash prizes and pub quizzes to test your footballing knowledge (also with cash prizes)!


Join our Facebook page (Football Fans Society/FFS – Kent Uni) to keep up to date with the events in the coming weeks or follow us on Twitter @FFSUKC​


Kent Snow

We at KentSnow are famous for one thing, Winter Tour. A week of snow, (some) sun, and epic socials. Many people think we’re a society, and all we do are socials and tour, but we’re actually a very successful sports club who compete in race and freestyle competitions throughout the year.

This year we hope to build on our success from last year, where our Snowboard team came 4th in the country, ladies ski team 4th in the region, and Jack Waterhouse came in 2nd in the regional BUISC board slopestyle event. With more training, especially in freestyle, this year we hope to do even better.

But our club isn’t only for the experienced snow goer, we offer beginner lessons for those who have never skied or snowboarded before. These lessons will get you ready to hit the slopes on winter tour long before you reach the Alps. If you’ve never tried freestyle before but would like to give it a go, we offer freestyle training on trampolines, dryslope and at the snowdome in Hemel Hempstead. This training will build up your confidence, learning to do the tricks in a safe environment before transferring them to the slopes.

But it’s not all competitive, there’s a reason we’re famous for our tours and socials. So if you’re a seasoned skier, a complete newbie, or just want a good night; get in touch with us through facebook, twitter, or email, and come along to a training or social.



Sailing and Windsurfing

Whether you are new to Sailing or Windsurfing or a seasoned pro we have something to offer. We are based out of Whitstable Yacht Club (A short bus journey from campus) and sail most weekends. We have a range of equipment from beginner wind-surfboards through to a Dart 16.

We also have a Race Team which represent the club and the university who train alongside Kings School in fireflies on a week basis.


When we are not out on the water we are known for having a good time with weekly socials as well as our trips, each year we attended Aussie Kiss a windsurfing festival as well as our annual tour, this year we went to Greece. Join one of the most active and social sports clubs on campus today.


We can be found online at, or twitter @KentSWC.


Cycling Club


The Cycling Club is a multi-discipline sports club for anyone who loves having fun on two wheels. We currently have road and mountain bike (XC and DH) branches. We are always looking for people to pursue new disciplines: be it track, BMX, trials, cross; let us know. We cater for both casual and serious riders with social rides and a programme to train for racing and BUCS in the Spring for those that are keen. Of course, no club is complete without socials and nights out either! Social rides run Wednesdays and Sundays at 1pm from the Sports Centre. We look forward to seeing you there!



The volleyball society is one of the most internationally diverse societies at Kent. We have women’s, men’s, and social teams that are able to accommodate any skill level or experience – from beginner to advanced. We have built amazing teams so far with a great committee for support. Our main focus is on harmonizing everyone’s individual ability and efforts within the society to create the best team chemistry. This year, we look forward to welcoming many new students, more competitive games, great socials, and an amazing tour experience! Come check us out at Freshers Fayre or at social training Sundays at 14:00 in the main sports hall!



Want to try out a new sport, meet lots of new friends and have some fun outside of lectures? Then UKC Handball is the place for you.

Throughout the year, we play tournaments with neighboring universities and compete in ABUHC National Championships where last year our men’s and women’s team achieved great success with women’s team qualifying to the finals. This year, we have also begun our involvement in a local tournament series, an exciting new project to allow us to play even more matches in different locations around the UK.

However don’t worry, we promise it’s not just hard work. We organize many fun team bonding events, theme socials, quizzes, barbeques and much more to guarantee a great time on and off the court.

So whether you are a professional handball player or a complete newbie to handball we want you to join us!

Join our group on Facebook for more information and come to our taster session on the 27th of September to try it out for yourself. We promise you will not be disappointed.

See you there!




Come and join the badminton family! Whether you’re a complete novice or a veteran player, everyone’s welcome to join one of the biggest and most affordable sports societies on campus. The club meets twice a week from 7-10 on Wednesday and Friday nights for friendly sessions for all abilities. Don’t have your own equipment? Don’t sweat! We’ve got you covered with brand new racquets and shuttles to help you improve your skills. So, what happens if you want to sign up? Well, for the first two weeks of term, sessions are free! So come along and see if badminton is the right sport for you. During these two weeks team trials will also be held for those of you who want more of a competitive experience with the club! Should you be successful, there is an additional three hours of training on a Saturday morning for all team members. Furthermore, to bring the club even closer together, we are hoping to organise several interclub competitions including, but not limited to, charity fundraisers and ladder tournaments. So if you want to make lifelong friends and improve your skills, look no further than UKC badminton.


Athletics and Cross Country

Whether you’re looking to compete at a national level through BUCs or simply want to get fit in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment the athletics and cross country club caters for all abilities and all running goals. We hold regular training sessions for both cross country and track runners throughout the year as well as competing in regional cross country races, BUCs events and an annual half marathon abroad. As a club we also hold regular socials both in town and on campus alongside trips to local attractions such as Thorpe Park. With membership only £20 for the year we are one of the most cost effective clubs on campus offering a great alternative to expensive gym memberships. Whatever your ability, whatever your goal, grab your trainers and come give it a go one training session!

For more information check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @ukc_athletics!



Do you want to learn the basics of self-defence? Discover the world of martial arts? Take up new activity that allows you to have fun while staying fit? Try aikido! It’s a non-competitive sport, focusing on defensive techniques rather than use of strength, which makes it very accessible to virtually anybody who wants to try it. Feel free to drop by at any of our training sessions to see what we do and give aikido a go for yourself – your first two weeks of sessions are free to give you a taster!

We practice on Sundays, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Hall 3 of the Sports Centre.

You can also find us on our facebook group: