Megan Warwick



Meg is a writer for InQuire and enjoys writing for the Entertainment, Culture and Sports sections. She has been a part of several societies at university including a team member of Women’s Lacrosse and co-creator of the 20-minute society.

With a three-course meal, speeches and entertainment, it was a night not to be missed at team Kent’s annual celebratory ball on the 24th March. A rare night where the sports team come together and appreciate their achievements on and off the pitch.

Taking place in the luxurious Sports Hall of the Kent Sport sports centre, the ball was dressed with round tables and a stage ready for presentations. Sports teams soon started trickling in to their places and ready awaiting the awards. Starting off with a bang, the UKC teams took endless photos in a ‘Team Kent’ balloon arch. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a photo booth in which many drunken pictures were taken. In terms of the three-course meal, although the portions were claimed to be small, the food tasted good – especially the chocolate dessert which went down well among the crowd.

Awards were presented by Kent Union 2017-2018 President Ruth Wilkinson, while musical interludes were performed to keep the crowd entertained. Let’s look at the leader board, shall we.


Team of the year was awarded to…

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. They also scored another award as JOE GANLY swept up the outstanding administrator trophy.

AF were not the only sport to score two wins, as did….

KARATE, for outstanding individual JASMINES POMEROY and outstanding team award for KUMITE KARATE (according to sources, Karate were kind enough to let some of the lacrosse women ‘get a photo with their trophy’. Now that’s true sportsmanship).

Moving onto sportswoman of the year…

The award was given to ANNA MARIE HUGHES (sportswoman) and to OLIVER BOURNE (sportsman).

The most anticipated club of the year was awarded to ….



It was quite a night filled with tears of joy and long earnt achievements for most. Everyone got up to dance, united as one.

Congratulations Team Kent, for another brilliant year.