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All The Best Sports At UKC

Megan Warwick
Sports Editor  

Meg is a the Sports Website Editor for InQuire, and enjoys writing articles for the Sports, Entertainment and Culture sections. She has been a part of several societies/sport at university and extra curricular activity, including Keynes President and Women’s Lacrosse 2nds Team Captain.

Freshers is an amazing time is a memorable experience, but you have a lot of decisions to make. And, one of those decisions to make is ‘what should I do with my free time?’ Well, my advice would be, if you haven’t considered so already, join a Sport.

I could write another entire article detailing to you the reasons why you should join a sport, why it would be so beneficial for CVs, blah blah blah. Instead, this is something different. This article will detail ALL of the sports below that are available at Kent University. Every single one. Now you can get a taste for each of the sports on other, little bit about what they entail and whether this sport might be suitable for you. So read away, and perhaps find something that gets you fit.

(Also, these sports were put in alphabetical order to avoid favouritism and arguments over ‘who is the best sports’. Come on, they’re all great…)



Standard membership: £30 (first two taster weeks of sessions are free)

Practice times: Sundays 1pm-3pm

Indoor sport, Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art. Aikido is a non-competitive sport, which focuses on defensive techniques rather than use of strength (although there is the option to do competitions if you wish).

The club was founded for students to come and practice Aikido with professional instruction and a friendly atmosphere. Training sessions are held in the Small Hall at the back of Sports Centre. They recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing to start with.


American Football

Standard Membership: £60

Training Times: Thursday 8pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-1pm and Sunday 4pm-6pm

Outdoor sport, American Football is the fastest growing sport in the UK, yet evolved in the United States, originating from association football and rugby football.

The Kent Falcons are UKC’s American Football’s team and have been representing UKC in competitions since the club was founded. This year, they have been undefeated.

The team also hosts multiple weekly socials as well as joint socials with many teams of other societies and are heavily active in the social side of University. From fundraisers, team meals and charity events, the club also engages with the wider community. If you love sport and social side, then American Football is for you!

Follow @KentFalcons for more info.



Standard Membership: £25

Training Times: Indoor: Saturday afternoons, 3-5pm, Outdoor: Friday afternoons, 2-4pm

Outdoor and indoor, UKCA caters to all levels of experience in the sport of archery, including those totally new to archery or experienced national shooters. UKCA provides all the equipment needed for sport so you won’t need to buy your own bow before you join our club. UKCA can help develop and coach your archery skills to help you become a better archer. Archery membership is among the cheapest sports on campus. There’s a range of socials planned this year so there will be something for everyone.

Find on Facebook and Instagram at: UKC Archery


Athletics and Cross Country

Standard Membership: £25

Training Times Cross Country: Monday 6:15pm, Wednesday 1pm, Thursday 5:15pm, Sunday 2pm.

Training Times Track and Field: Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Friday 5:30pm.

Outdoor sport, highly active club open to students of ALL abilities and offer training and events for a number of running disciplines. The club prides itself on catering for more casual runners who simply wish to keep fit in a friendly, fun and approachable environment. They also compete in many abroad events, including running from Canterbury to Brussels than Paris in four days, whilst participants from Kent Union cycled the same distance. This also includes raising money for charity and there is a vast range of socials.



Standard Membership: £24 (first two weeks are free).

Training Times: Wednesday 7pm-10pm, Friday 7pm-10pm.

The club meets twice a week for a friendly drop-in sessions where rackets and shuttlecocks are provided, whether you are a beginner or advanced player. Intercollege badminton is also on this year, which provides an opportunity for our club members to represent their colleges and get a more competitive level of play.


Ballroom and Latin Dance

Standard Membership: £35

Training Times: TBC

If you want to learn how to ballroom dance, want a fun way to keep fit or want to meet some new people and have a good time, this is the society for you. There are classes three times a week, with professionally taught group classes included membership, free private classes from our committee members, and professional private coaching. We also give our members to chance to compete across the country and hold frequent socials. The dances include Waltz, Jive, Cha Cha Cha, Quickstep, Tango and many more.


Basketball Men’s

Standard Membership: TBA

Training Times: TBC

The club represents the University in various competitions, such as the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) and East Kent League conferences. The team roster is divided into First and Second teams with 12 players on the 1st Team and 15 players on the 2nd. Both teams train 4 times a week, and despite the commitment and dedication, the club is social and friendly.


Basketball Women’s

Standard Membership: £65

Training Times: Mondays/Saturdays, TBC

Welcome to UKC Women’s Basketball Club!!

If you are interested in playing basketball, this is the club for you. There are We two teams that welcome all abilities and by joining this society you can look forward to having fun, making new friendships, developing your fitness levels, and most obviously improving your basketball skills.



Standard Membership: £35

Training Times: Thursday and Fridays, TBC

This is a legitimate ABA boxing club and is coached by a seasoned trainer who has over 30 years of experience within the sport. Anyone is welcome to join, whether you want to get fit or compete. The club can offer you a great all-round workout which will challenge and improve your strength, stamina, determination and overall physique. Boxing will provide you with self-discipline and a huge confidence boost as well as teaching the art of self-defence. There will also be regular socials which consist of watching the big fights in bars on campus or around town as well as big nights out.



Standard Membership: £3 per session

Training Times: Thursday 7:30pm

The University of Kent Canoe Club specialises in all types of Whitewater. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced grade 5 paddler; all are welcome. They now have the fabled return of the esteemed club coach whose expertise is invaluable and of great use. Throughout the academic year there are regular trips away, travelling to places such as Dartmoor, Wales and Yorkshire. To top it all off, at the end of every year they travel to the French Alps for two weeks of mind blowing rivers, fun and sun.



Standard Membership: £32

Training Times: TBA

Capoeira is a Brazilian art from that blends fighting, dancing, gaming, acrobatics, music, history and philosophy. It can be used as a self-defence, played as a game or performed as a dance. It helps develop your strength, flexibility, endurance, core strength, stamina, cardio, it really is a whole-body workout, but it’s also a lot of fun at the same time. The lessons at the university are tailored for beginners and taught by an Instructor.



Standard Membership: TBA

Training Times: Wednesday 7pm

The club offers members a unique opportunity, to explore areas of Britain that few people ever get the chance to visit. They run around 5 trips a term to fantastic areas of the British countryside. Most of which are designated national parks such as the Peak District in Derbyshire, the Breacon Beacons in South Wales and as far afield as the Dales in Yorkshire. Alongside exploration, members have the opportunity to develop several key transferable skills such as leadership, group management, health & safety awareness, first aid and teamwork as well as several technical skills such as ropework, rigging, single rope technique (SRT) and navigation. With many socials planned throughout the year including cave man, caving vs mountaineers and top gun night you’ll be sure to find and event for you.


Cricket Men and Women’s

Standard Membership: £50

Training Times: Saturdays and Sundays, TBC

UKC Cricket Club is a friendly and welcoming society for cricketers of any standard and also people who have not played the sport before who are wishing to give it a try. They have 4 Men’s teams and a Women’ s team which play both indoor and outdoor cricket through the whole year, as well as running an indoor intercollege competition in the winter. Regular socials will be held which allow the whole club to get to know each other outside of their respective teams. Overall UKC Cricket offers a great opportunity to play cricket at any level, from novice to professional, as well as allowing you to build friendships which will last throughout your time at the University.




Standard Membership: £20

Training Times: Wednesday 1:30pm and Sunday 1:30pm

Fitness. Adventure. Competition. Road. Time Trials. Mountain Biking. Track. University of Kent Cycling is a multi-discipline sports club for anyone who loves having fun on two wheels! They cater for riders of all levels; whether you prefer to watch cycling, cycle leisurely with friends, complete challenging sportives or aim to race competitively at Regional and/or National Level… UKC is for you!




Standard Membership: £45

Training Times: TBA

The University of Kent Equestrian Club caters for all riding abilities; whether you have never sat on a horse before in your life, or you compete on a regular basis. The club offers standard lessons as well as hacking, pub rides, beach rides, gymkhanas and mounted skill at arms. However, it is not all about the riding; they offer a variety of fun socials from your standard nights out to meals, movie nights and more.



Standard Membership: £45

Training Times: Tuesdays 8pm-10pm, Wednesdays 5pm-7pm, Sunday sessions 3pm-5pm

UKC Fencing welcomes all students at sessions. They run a beginner’s course for members with no or very little previous experience, led by a professional fencing coach. Those with experience in fencing on the electrics are welcome to join the intermediate and experienced fencers. Fencing is a good way to exercise, great for toning up your legs and upper body, and fun for giving you a good aerobic workout.



Football Men’s

Standard Membership: £85

Training Times: Monday 7:30pm

The University of Kent Men’s Football Club, or ‘Kent FC’ as more commonly known, are the elite football club on campus. Whilst there are many options on campus for football, they provide the highest level of coaching, training and competitive match opportunities.



Football Women’s

Standard Membership: £50

Training Times: Monday 6pm and Friday 6pm

We are an action-packed club made up of a wide range of abilities and welcome ladies from all years of university; from players who have never touched a football before, to those who were born chasing it. The club welcomes everyone, regardless of experience level, to join us for a casual kick about, to train hard and to have a lot of laughs.



Standard Membership: £25

Training Times: TBA

The UKC Golf club caters for people of all standards, from beginners to regular club players. The society practices and plays on a weekly basis at Boughton Golf Club mostly on Wednesdays, with group lessons provided by their PGA Pro. All these sessions can be enjoyed by all even with little or no prior experience. Aside from the golf, the sport runs a variety of socials regularly across the year.



Standard Membership: £5

Training Times: TBC

Fancy yourself as the next Simone Biles? Gymnastics is a sport that requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance. The movements involved in gymnastics contribute to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and abdominal muscle groups. Alertness, precision, daring, self-confidence and self-discipline are mental traits that can also be developed through gymnastics.



Standard Membership: £40

Training Times: TBC

Want to try out a new sport, meet lots of new friends and have some fun outside of lectures? Then UKC Handball is the place for you. Throughout the year, they play tournaments with neighbouring universities. They also organize many fun team bonding events, theme socials, quizzes, BBQs and much more to guarantee a great time on and off the court.


Hockey Men’s

Standard Membership: £85

Training Times: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

With three teams and a development squad, Hockey is a good sport to take up regardless of your ability. Always full of very talented individuals, the team also show the commitment and desire that symbolise the work ethic to which Kent Hockey has become accustomed. They have a packed social calendar with varying themes throughout the whole year.


Hockey Women’s

Standard Membership: £50

Training Times: Monday, Thursday and Sunday

A fun and sociable club for everyone who wants to join. They encourage those of all abilities to join as there will be a place for you on any of the teams. The perfect place for beginners and less experienced players, hockey will give you all the essential skills and knowledge to start your hockey journey! The club has a packed social calendar with varied themes throughout the whole year. Not forgetting the annual SPRING BALL, this event raises money for Kent Cancer Trust and supports those in the local community.



Ice Hockey

Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: Monday

The Ice Hockey Club is starting its sixth year at the University of Kent. There is no need for a background in ice hockey, as some of the members have never even skated on ice before. On the side they organise hockey movie nights, skating trips and game nights at Gillingham ice rink, unique ice hockey socials in town and on campus.


Jiu Jitsu

Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: Wednesdays 7pm and Friday 7pm

Jiu-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art dedicated to self-defence. The club is open to all, whether you have previous experience, have experience in other martial arts, or have never tried anything before. Jiu-Jitsu uses the coloured belt system to determine skill, with gradings falling usually once a term. Similarly, regional and national competitions are held where you can compete against people from clubs all over Britain. While the focus will be on teaching Jitsu, the early sessions of the term will cover some basic self-defence. Ju-Jitsu is a traditional Japanese martial art that utilises a combination of strikes, locks and throws to subdue attackers. It is an excellent way to keep fit.



Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: Tuesday 6-8pm, Wednesday 6-8pm, Friday 6-8pm

The club is led by experienced instructors and supported by a number of other senior members from different styles such as Shotokan, Shitoryu and Wado-Ryu, meaning all karateka can come together and improve. Whatever your interest in karate, whether it be practical self defence, practicing and developing techniques or increasing your general fitness, agility and power, they’ll have something for you.



Standard Membership: £27

Training Times: Saturday 1pm – 3pm, Monday 6pm – 8pm

Kendo was created for the purpose of training individuals in how to use a blade while minimising the risk of death or severe injury. Traditionally one would practise with a wooden sword and no protection, but throughout the years many additions and modifications have been applied to form the Kendo we know now. Kendo is one of the few martial arts that doesn’t matter whether you are tall, short, male or female.


Kent Cheer

Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: TBC

Kent Cheer is the University of Kent Cheerleading Society. It is an inclusive sports club encouraging both male and female participants no matter the previous experience. Cheerleading is a tough sport combining dance, tumbling, jumping and stunting elements. Kent Cheer consists of four squads. The Falconettes are a game-day development squad, the Skylarks are a level one all girl competitive squad, the Eagles are a level two co-ed competitive squad and the Ravens are a competitive Pom dance squad.


Kent Surf

Standard Membership: TBC

Training Times: TBA

The surf society aims to run trips when possible to Devon/Cornwall and venture abroad at Easter for a week of surfing and sun. A person sport for those who have never done a sport before, due to the accessibility. The social side is also good fun, many trips to on campus bars. A good sport for fitness and fun.


Kent Wake

Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: 10:30am on Wednesday or Sunday

University of Kent’s Official Wakeboarding Society. For those unfamiliar, the sport consists of riding on a short, wide board resembling a surfboard and performing acrobatic manoeuvres while being towed behind a motor boat. In the first term, the club run trips from September through to the end of November, once or twice a week. In the second term they start again in march, running all the way through Easter, up until then end of term.


Kent Snow

Standard Membership: TBA

Training Times: TBC

Kent Snow is the University of Kent’s Ski & Snowboard club and the one club you’ll be sure to hear around campus, whether that be for the mighty Winter and Easter ski trips they plan every year or the weird and wonderful things we get up to on their snocials. KentSnow offers a range of training from complete beginners to seasonaires. If you want to be part of a fun, competitive and evergrowing ski or snowboard team KentSnow is the sports club for you!




Standard Membership: £32

Training Times: Monday 7pm, Tuesday 6pm and Thursday 7pm

UKC Kickboxing welcomes all skill levels, whether you have never kicked anything your life or you grew up practicing martial arts, all they ask for is people ready to get stuck in, train hard, make friends and have fun. Kickboxing will provide you with great functional fitness training as well as some self-defense skills and is a great way to boost your self-confidence in a safe and friendly environment. As well as training we have a number of socials that will provide you with fun nights out each term. Make sure you go to some to make some new friends and practice partners, and you don’t want to miss out on the excitement.



Standard Membership: £35

Training Times: Monday 8pm and Tuesday 8pm

Korfball, an insanely fun, mixed-gendered sport! Learn new skills in a game similar to Basketball and Netball. No matter your ability you will always make the team, so take advantage of weekly games in the Kent league and then BUCS tournaments against other Universities across the country.


Lacrosse Mens

Standard Membership: £65

Training Times: 12-2pm Sunday, 5-7pm Sunday, 7-9pm Monday

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is often known as the fastest game on two feet. We embrace this by enjoying the game and celebrating our successes. The squad is primarily made up of first-time lacrosse players showing great potential and growth. They are often proving that they should not be underestimated either. Many of those who join Lacrosse at University level are beginners so it is great for anyone looking to try something new and like many of our members you may discover a sporting talent you didn’t know you had. With two competitive teams and an inter-college tournament, Lacrosse is great for those looking to get involved in Sport. The highlights of their annual events calendar are the Christmas, Varsity and Handover meals along with our events in town.


Lacrosse Women’s

Standard Membership: £45

Training Times: 6:30pm Tuesday and 12pm Sunday

Lacrosse is an exciting and fun sport. Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, this is the club for you. It’s the oldest sport in the USA first played by the Native Americans, it’s also known as the fastest sport on two feet. Great for fitness, agility, speed and all things that sports are beneficial for. Kent Lacrosse take training and socialising very seriously. Whether you are a veteran of the sport or have never picked up a stick before, give it a go!




Standard Membership: TBC

Training Times: Monday 7pm

Kent mountaineering (UKCMC) is a club which encompasses rock climbing, hiking and scrambling. It is a fantastic way to see England and Wales, as we run trips to destinations such as the Peak District, Lake District and Snowdonia. It is an enjoyable way of improving your overall fitness, as climbing works out the entire body and improves stamina. A lot of the people who join the club are afraid of heights but they overcome this fear due to the safe and encouraging nature which they are in when they face this fear. If you are someone who prefers to spend their time around relaxed people who enjoy an eventful social life, the outdoors and the challenge of a rock face then Mountaineering is the club for you. Also, after each climbing session there is a compulsory visit to the pub.


Muscle and Athletic Sports Society

Standard Membership: £10

Training Times: Saturday and Sunday 12pm

MASS is a fast-growing community of student athletes united by a common goal of enhancing their sporting and social experience at University. Their mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether you’re competing in the SPC, training specifically for a sport, or becoming fit and strong to make the most of life at University, they endeavour to support every single member. Powerlifting has gained immense interest in recent years due to its empowering nature and unique community of supportive athletes. Whether you’re new to powerlifting, or a seasoned competitor, we can offer you comprehensive coaching and support with competition fees to give you the best experience.




Standard Membership: TBC

Training Times: TBA

UKC Netball is the largest all female club on campus. They have 4 competitive BUCS teams who play regular Wednesday fixtures as well as a social 5th team who play fixtures in the local Sunday League. The club want as many people to get involved as possible, regardless of ability as netball is a great way to meet people as well as exercising regularly. Make sure you come and cheer on all of the home BUCS games on Wednesdays, they love the support. They also have socials every Wednesday evening with a different theme each week.

@ukcnetball and @uno_ukc



Standard Membership: TBA

Training Times: TBC

The Club comprises of a Men’s and Women’s Squad, who compete in a number of regatta and head races up and down the country every year. Their members vary right from 1st-year students, who largely start as novices, right through to post-graduate students from the University of Kent. The Club also has a strong social side during term time, both with current members and alumni, and hold two balls at key points during the year.


Rugby Men’s

Standard Membership: £75

Training Times: TBC

Want to be apart of something bigger? Then the largest sport Men’s Rugby is for you. Improving strength and fitness, the sport has many different teams each with different intensities, so perfect for beginners all the way to advanced. Men’s Rugby is more then just a sport, also known for having the most fun socials and raising a sustainable amount of money for charitable causes such as Movember.


Rugby Women’s

Standard Membership: £50

Training Times: Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

As a club, they welcome players who have never thrown a ball to women who have already given rugby a try. This past season has been one of their best yet with increased membership and many women completely new to rugby getting involved in the sport. Bonding as a team is highly important to the club. Weekly socials, various trips, griping gym sessions and the annual tour gives our team great stories and strong friendships that last beyond your time at university.


Scuba Diving

Standard Membership: TBC

Training Times: TBA

The scuba diving society of the University of Kent. If you enjoy the water, then definitely check out Scuba Diving. As one of the newer sports on campus, it’s a great way to try out something new and, literally, dive into the deep end. Open to all students of all levels of ability – you don’t have to know how to dive to join! It is a smaller sport, which is perfect to make a close-knit group of friends. If you like adventure but also some quiet time beneath the water, away from studies, then this is the sport for you.


Sailing and Windsurfing

Standard Membership: £70

Training Times: TBC

Sailing and Windsurfing is one of the most friendly and active clubs at Kent. The club welcomes sailors and windsurfers of all abilities: whether you’ve never been on the water before or you are more than used to the racing world. You’ll find them at Whitstable most weekends for a bit of social sailing where you will have full access to all the club’s kit, boats and boards. These are fun sessions but can also be a chance to learn how to sail and windsurf as we offer relaxed training from qualified RYA Instructors. Throughout the colder months the club remain an active through a range of socials. In the past these have included quizzes, themed nights out and pizza and movie nights.


Snooker and Pool

Standard Membership: £40

Training Times:

This club is passionate about all cue sports, including snooker, English 8-Ball pool, American 9-Ball pool, billiards, and just about any other cue sport you can think of. Welcoming students from the university as well as staff and outsiders to join the club and participate in a range of cue disciplines, with opportunities to take part in a variety of internal and external competitions and ladders. The University houses two fully functional rooms, each with a free Supreme Winner English 8-Ball table and a full-size snooker table, both available for play 24/7. They also host socials, with snooker, 8 & 9-Ball pool, food, beer and good times.



Standard Membership: £35

Training Times: Monday 5:30pm

Softball is similar to baseball but less complicated and faster paced. Softball is also a mixed sport with teams made up of five boys and five girls. It’s a great way to meet new people and they have different socials every week. They accept all levels of ability so if this is your first time playing or you already have a major league contract then head down and join in.



Standard Membership: £20

Training Times: Monday and Thursday 6:20pm

The club host regular Squash Club nights at the Sports Centre squash courts and have regular ladder tournaments and socials. Players of all abilities are welcome to attend to play socially or competitively. There are beginners’ sessions, for those wanting to learn the basics of squash and gain more confidence in playing and Intermediate/ Advance sessions, with drills and competitive games.



Standard Membership: TBA

Training Times: Tuesday 8:30pm and Thursday 7:30pm

If you enjoy swimming, socialising, keeping fit or competing they are the best club for you, offering swimming for everyone. Their sessions cater to everyone from competitive swimmers to anyone who fancies a splash in the pool and everything in between. They also host a wide variety of socials throughout the year and would love for you to join them.



Table Tennis

Standard Membership: £25

Training Times: Monday 3pm and Thursday 7pm

Players of all levels are welcomed. In sessions, they have both casual play and training. They also have a ball machine for those looking to learn basics, practice technique or consistency. Students do not only make new friends, practise to improve skills but also have a chance to join the Women and Men Teams to compete in BUCS Competition.



Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: Tuesday 5pm – 7pm and Thursday 7pm – 9pm

UKC Taekwondo is a friendly, kick-ass club that is open to all levels (including ITF). They are one of the oldest and biggest martial arts clubs on campus, and provide great training by focusing on keeping fit, practising self-defence and most importantly having fun!



Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: Saturday 10am

At the UKC Tennis Club, they encourage people of all standards, from absolute beginners to regular team players to play tennis, whatever your level. Tennis is one of the most popular clubs on campus with over 120 members every year. The club has a great social side. These range from nights out and club meals, to alternative sports sessions and tennis trips. Whether you’re a confident player or just enjoy watching, having a group of friends with the same interests as you is great at uni.



Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: Wednesdays 7pm and Friday 6pm

The club prides itself on its friendliness and fun, whilst being able to offer the opportunity to exercise, meet new people and learn some great trampolining tricks. Whether you have never bounced before or have been for years. Everyone within the club is incredibly enthusiastic to help each other in learning new moves and making the most of their time at our recreational sessions.


UKC Mixed Martial Arts

Standard Membership: £30

Training Times: Thursday 6pm and Sunday 1pm

At UKC Mixed Martial Arts, they teach both groundwork and striking, incorporating brazilian jiu jitsu, no-gi submission wrestling, muay thai, kickboxing and many others. They welcome everyone, male or female, experienced cage fighters or complete beginners. The club has a team of professional coaching staff behind us who have competed at an international level, but UKC MMA is not only for those who wish to compete. It is a great full body workout and a friendly atmosphere to socialise and make new friends.


Ultimate Frisbee

Standard Membership: £40

Training Times: TBA

Kent Touch This has been The University of Kent’s Ultimate Frisbee club since 2004. The club provides a friendly atmosphere, and a chance to experience a sport you may not have tried before. Ultimate is a fast growing sport that focuses on working as a team and learning unique skills, whilst retaining a strong character of sportsmanship that is called the ‘spirit of the game’.


UKC Gliding Club

Standard Membership: TBA

Training Times: TBC

Fancy trying something brand new? A club for students interested in learning to fly, with opportunities to compete in national gliding competitions. Face those fears of heights or embrace the adrenaline. Join their Facebook Group for updates on meetings and flying days.


UKC Polo Club

Standard Membership: £65

Training Times: TBA

University of Kent Polo Club – aiming to provide fun, accessible, and affordable polo for anyone studying at the university. The club trains at MHF Polo Club (approximately an hour and 30 mins away) where training can be provided for all levels, from those who have never sat on a horse to experienced players. You don’t need a polo pony to play; you don’t even need to have ever sat on a horse. All you need is to be enthusiastic and up for some fun.



Standard Membership: £40

Training Times: Men’s Tuesday 8pm and Thursday 8:30pm and Women’s Monday 7pm and Thursday 7pm

Volleyball at UKC consists of one men’s team, one women’s team and a development team. Therefore, they are able to accomodate any level of experience – from beginner to advanced. The clubs main focus is on harmonising everyone’s individual ability and efforts within the society to create the best team chemistry. Looking forward to welcoming many new students, more competitive as well as friendly matches for both teams as well as the development team, exciting socials and keeping the great atmosphere that identifies us as a club.


Want to find out more? A particular sport caught your eye? Well then, head down to the Fresher’s Fayre 20th and 21st of September in Fresher’s Week to find out more!

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