Megan Warwick



Meg is a writer for InQuire and enjoys writing for the Entertainment, Culture and Sports sections. She has been a part of several societies at university including a team member of Women’s Lacrosse and co-creator of the 20-minute society.

As UKC is a very sports club-based university, there’s no surprise that this academic year has been jam-packed with matches, formal balls, socials and spirit. From playing matches for fun, to lounging around in the sun, the events were great if you wanted to partake, or even if you just wanted to spectate. Here’s a look back at this year’s top Kent Sport and the sport-related events that were held…

Varsity 2018

Spread out across the year, Varsity is always UKC’s biggest sporting event. From indoor sports such as badminton, to outdoor sports such as rugby, and summer sports such as Athletics, the events took place over two weeks in February, and two weekends in May. The team spirit was phenomenal, arguably the reason that UKC brought victory home with the most varsity wins. If you want to find out more about the Varsity wins and losses, head to our Inquire Instagram, and scroll down to varsity where photos and scores from the events are logged.

Watch this space for Varsity 2019, it’s an event not to be missed.

Sports Tour

Team Kent headed down to the beaches of Croatia for a week of matches, boozing, and team bonding at its finest. In so many words, Tour is an excuse for sports teams to go on a pre-exams holiday with one another, getting to know other teams not just from UKC, but from different universities. A few to name were Greenwich (who were notorious for dressing up as cones and crashing UKC socials), West London, and York. Safe to say, the trip was a success.

If you didn’t go tour this year and are part of a sports team, then I would fully recommend as it’s one of the full time that you get the sports and social aspect combined into one. Plus, seeing different sports try to master yours is hilarious (have you ever seen Rugby guys try to use a lacrosse stick?)

Team Kent Ball

Ladies and gentlemen, it was that time of the year for individuals to swap their sweaty sports trainers for the more glamorous attire of formal dresses and suits. The Team Kent Ball is a time of recognition, where outstanding individuals get nominated for awards in different categories such as best sportsman, best sportswoman, and best club. Different sports team committees and graduates are placed on round tables, fed a three-course mea,l and entertained through music/awards. Also, with a professional photographer and photobooth, the night was captured with a flash so that all who attended could attain memories. The event itself was greatly enjoyed and sports spirit was infused by all.


BUCS is where different teams in different regions play one another, in which UKC represents the South-Eastern region. The teams that the university plays against are Imperial, Surrey, Kings, Reading, etc. Overall, in BUCS last year, UKC came 11th out of 42nd, passing universities such as Sussex and Portsmouth. Breaking the teams down, the women’s team came 9th overall, men’s teams came 15th overall, and mixed teams came 4th overall. Our points total was 725, a very respectable score for UKC.

BUCS begins in October and carries onto until April. Keep your eyes peeled next year.

Charity Events

As sports is all about being a team, UKC uses their team skills to pull off successful charity events. There have been some incredible events this year, such as Rugby’s Casino Night, Cheers Masquerade Ball, Lacrosse Mad Hatters Ball, Hockey Ball and many more! Through raffles, prizes and photobooths, these incredible events have raised a substantial amount to help noble causes everywhere. And more team bonding was created through coming together to pull off these events. Although everyone is here to play a sport, you can’t deny that sports teams love a good old social occasion. Especially in the aid of helping others.

#Enough Campaign

‘We’ve has Enough’ is the #enough campaign centred around combating sexual assault at university and making individuals more aware of the issue. Many are probably asking, how does this fit in with Team Kent Sport? Many different sports clubs showed their support by campaigning and publishing pictures of their sports clubs holding up the #enough sign, publishing pictures on social media to spread awareness for the campaign. It united awareness all around, and the protest itself was filled with sports teams showing their support. You couldn’t have got #enough support from Kent Sport.

This Kent Girl Can

Supporting gender equality within all areas of university life, sports took to the spotlight as students were educated and informed on gender inequality in ‘This Kent Girl Can’ week. The sporting side was featured heavily, through ‘This Kent Girl Can’ gym classes, open to females only as a chance to show empowerment and female participation within sports. Kent Union also stocked merchandise with ‘This Kent Girl Can’ t-shirts, which different sports clubs purchased and showcased photos wearing them to show their support. The campaign raised a lot of self-awareness, females feeling included, males supporting and everyone feeling united into the world of sport. InQuire also did a special issue, which can be found here.


The global campaign took to UKC, as those who can grow facial hair took to the challenge in order to face money and awareness for men’s health issues. The campaign raised a total of £14000, an amazing contribution to charity. The event also struck up a lot of support and university press as the participates had their moustaches shaved off on the university plaza. Go team kent!

Summer sporting events…

Alumni Lacrosse Match

The old university students who joined lacrosse returned back for a boozy weekend of sports fun and, sadly for our current team, scored a victory. With the scorching sun bearing down on our players, Woman’s Lacrosse first took to the 3G pitch with UKC’s team mixed of 1st and 2nd team players, up against the woman’s lacrosse graduates team. It was a tough match, UKC’s attack driving towards goal, but alumni’s centre allowed the ball mostly to travel to the other end of the pitch (the alumni end). The match ended with a defeat for UKC, the score 9-5 to Lacrosse Alumni team. Well played ladies, well played.

The men’s lacrosse teams next took to the pitch, scoring a victory for UKC with our current teams win. The boys played well and fast, some extreme barging going on between Alumni’s defence and UKC’s attack. The ref called up few fouls, due to being absent for the majority of the match by grabbing a bev. But, as fun games go, both the boys had a fun time. Although the score was lost count of, both teams agreed that our current UKC lacrosse team scored more goals, therefore bringing victory to UKC! Adding up the scores, it was 1-1 to both teams, making it a join victory and a great start to the alumni weekend that was spent bonding with one another.

Until next team Alumni.

Hockey 7s

A fun afternoon put on by hockey, in which students came together on the Astro to battle it in a game of hockey. The fun twist is that each team has a dress code team. Lacrosse did Tight and Bright Festival, Hockey did a tennis dress code and there was even an Incredibles dressed team. With the cracking of sticks and balls soaring into the goal, the day was a lot of fun.

Each team played approximately three matches each, different hockey players reefing the matches. Although there was some leniency in rules for non-hockey dominated teams, the matches were still predominately won by UKC Hockey. Dare I say it, are we surprised?

Rugby 7s

An event of the session, not to be missed, was rugby 7s. The event entails individuals coming together on the pitch behind the Pavilion, forming a team of seven individuals, ready to play rugby. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never played before, the whole point is to dive into something new. I will warn, there were a few injuries on the day due to aggressive tackling (mostly the men’s, if I’m honest), but what else is new with sport.

The social aspect of the event was definitely favoured, with many students grabbing burgers from the pop-up BBQ and drinks from the pavilion. With clusters of individuals spread out on the grass, it was a top end of a weekend embracing the sports culture and gameplay itself.

If you didn’t get around to attending any of these events, then drag yourself away from Netflix binging and avoiding deadlines to do so. And, if you’re not a part of a sports team, then Fresher’s Fayre is just around the corner, so get joining!