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Sports Spotlight: Korfball

Kiro Okaka

Kiro is the Newspaper Sports Editor for Inquire, and is entirely sports obsessed, engaging in football and kickboxing. As well as Inquire, he does a topical talk show for CSRfm. His hobbies include sport and reading, studying English Literature and Journalism.

Welcome back to Sports Spotlight. We’ve changed up how we do Sports Spotlight. Instead of your Sports Editors (Meg and Kiro) trying out a new sport and most likely failing miserably, we’re interviewing different Sports and getting them to tell us how to master their sport. Now that the professionals are in, read away and actually learn the proper technique of the Sport.

Next up for Sports Spotlight is… Korfball!

Kiro spoke with Izzy Curry, the fundraising secretary of Korfball to get the lowdown on the sport.

Q. What is Korfball?

Korfball is a mixed gender (hooray!), ball sport that’s fast, addictive, all about teamwork, and a lot of fun. The aim is to get the ball in the Korf to score your team a goal and to defend the other team and make sure they don’t score.


Q. Why should I get involved? What’s unique about it?

You should get involved in Korfball because our club appeals to everyone. You can play competitively in a local Sunday league or at BUCS tournaments across the country or come along to training just for fun if a competitive sport isn’t your thing. We also make everyone feel welcome! I used to hate playing sport because I felt so self-conscious but Korfball has transformed my confidence and I feel completely welcome there!


Q. What are socials like?

We love having fun and there’s something to suit everyone. From three-legged bar crawl, our welcome event, nights out at venue to fireworks and picnic. It’s all about making memories and getting to know your teammates off the court. We had three teams last year but it didn’t feel like there was any separation because everyone knew each other so well.

Q. How can freshers get involved in the first few weeks of the new term?

The details are on our facebook page! We have free taster sessions in the two weeks following Freshers Fair, training is 8-10pm on Mon and Thurs.


Rating out of 10:

Korfball is a strong 11/10. There is nothing bad I could say about the club, it was the most enjoyable part of my first year at Kent. I’ve never felt so welcomed anywhere and had so much fun with such amazing people.

Make sure to try out Korfball! Who doesn’t love a new, whacky Sport?

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