Megan Warwick



Meg is a writer for InQuire and enjoys writing for the Entertainment, Culture and Sports sections. She has been a part of several societies at university including a team member of Women’s Lacrosse and co-creator of the 20-minute society.

It’s summer and its high time for the sporting season to hit our televisions. You want to get involved in the sporting obsession but you’d rather spectate rather than play? Then this is the article for you. But, where to start? What to watch? We’ve got the lowdown here on what’s on in the world of Sport and viewing that is not to be missed.

Tour De France

Taking place currently, the Tour De France is the cycling event of the year. The event is enjoyed greatly in Britain also as the U.K have brought home victory for the last three consecutive years. This was achieved by famous cyclist Chris Froome who represented Team Sky. He had won the Tour De France a grand total of four times. But will Team Sky be able to do it again? As Froome’s is racing yet again this year, it’ll be an event worth watching!

Date: 7th – 29th July

Golf, the Open Championships

Started today. It may not be the most exhilarating sport, but golf takes precision and patience, a sport that pays off once you’re invested as a spectator. With favourites battling it out, such as Tiger Woods who has won The Opens three times, and Dustin Johnston, who is currently the World No. 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking. It’s a tournament not to be missed.

Date: 19th – 22nd July

Hockey Women’s World Cup

Finally, some female sports as well. With the success of the women’s hockey team at the 2016 Olympics, England winning the gold against the Netherlands through penalties (both Hockey and Football have proved that England can do penalties). It was a first time win for an England’s Hockey team, meaning that our chances for the World Cup are quite high. With favourite players such as Maddie Hinch in goal and forward Lily Owsley, the team holds bold empowerment for women in sport.

Date: 21st July – 5th August

European Championships

The Olympics might be far away, but the European Championships are not. There are plenty of sports to watch, being Aquatics, Cycling, Golf, Gymnastics, Rowing and Triathlon. Enjoy cheering for Great Britain as they compete to try and win some medals and enjoy the sportsmanship as different countries come together.

Dates: 1st – 12th August

Cricket, England vs India in Test Matches

Although in the same league as golf in terms of its exhilaration, cricket also has its rewards if you get invested into the games. With five test matches between the two countries, it is anyone’s game.

Dates: 1st – 5th August

Football, Premier League Session Begins

If you’re also experiencing the World Cup blues and became quite invested into football over the summer, then you’ll be happy to know that the Premier League session is looming near. Favourites to win are Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea. Whether you already support a team, want to support a team, or just support whoever your family are in favour of, get rooting for your chosen team to win and maybe even taste the victory if they do.

Dates: 10th August