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Varsity 2017: A Great Day for Netball

Netball 4’s (UKC 44 – 9 CCCU)

It was a strong start from Kent today; although turnout was low, spirits were high and both teams had a great first quarter. UKC pulled ahead quite quickly, widening the gap resulting in a massive 44 – 9 win for Kent. It was a great start to the day!

Netball 3’s (UKC 44 -29 CCCU)

Shaky start from UKC during the Netball 3’s as Christchurch were playing strong and consistently getting points on the board. Kent caught up soon enough, getting into their stride by the third quarter, but CCCU did not make it easy for them to make a comeback. There was strong defending from CCCU, but it wasn’t enough, as UKC started pulling away by the end of third quarter and the goals came in quick succession for both teams. Kent ultimately won 44 – 29. A close game played well by both sides!

Netball 2’s (UKC 24 – 33 CCCU)

At the beginning of the 3rd netball match of the day, the CCCU supporters were out in force, filling the sports centre. Could this be the turning point for them? The first point of the game goes to Kent. This was a very closely matched game, with both teams matching each other point for point in the second quarter, and both UKC and CCCU were unable to pull out ahead. Good interceptions by both teams resulted in a 15 point tie at half time. There was a strong third quarter start from Kent with two points on the board in as many minutes. CCCU quickly caught up and the crowd went wild as CCCU lead 25 – 22 at the end of the third quarter. The atmosphere was incredible as CCCU outnumbered UKC in numbers and noise. Early points were gained in the 4th quarter for CCCU, they had most definitely found their stride by then! The atmosphere was tense as CCCU battled for their first win, and Kent did not make it easy for them. The crowd counted down the clock as CCCU got their first win of the day, beating Kent 33 – 24!

Netball 1’s (UKC 33 – 27 CCCU)

This game had, without a doubt, the best atmosphere of the day! Both sides had a brilliant turn out, on what was sure to be the toughest game of the day yet! Kent took an early lead with two points on the board, quickly matched by CCCU. Great intercepting by both teams ensured it was a tense game. Kent dominated the first quarter, positioning themselves well on the court, and controlling the ball. CCCU made some grave errors as UKC kept the pressure on. The atmosphere was great as Kent lead 15 – 7 into the second half. Both sides had a great turn out, and the girls were being cheered to victory. Kent had the moves and the style, easily maintaining a lead going into the second half with 28 – 14. However, CCCU pushed back and made the third quarter their own, scoring 6 points in the first 7 minutes! Neither one of these teams were giving up without a fight. After a tense quarter with CCCU trying to make a comeback, Kent were still holding on to the lead, 33 – 27… And the UKC crowd went wild as the clock counted down from 10, signalling the end of the game, and the end of the day.

Overall, both teams played incredibly well, but UKC’s skill just couldn’t be matched today!

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