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Varsity 2018 Day 3: Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball

Caitlin Casey

Caitlin Casey is the Sports Website Editor and has been a part of the Women’s Lacrosse team since her first year. Caitlin enjoys writing about Team Kent as well as entertainment and investigative articles.

InQuire headed to town today at Christ Church’s Sports Centre for a day packed with indoor sports, we kicked off with both Men’s and Women’s badminton early at 9am, getting hyped for another great day of Varsity wins! We stayed for both the Men’s and Women’s battles in Volleyball, a great win for the Women’s team and a struggle for the Men’s to keep up with CCCU’s hits. A heated show from the basketball teams with high adrenaline Basketball games, putting in another win for Kent with the Men’s team.


Badminton: KENT WIN!


Time: 9am

Place: CCCU Sports Centre

Final Score: Women’s: 7-1, Men’s 8-0

The anticipation was building; it was 9am so people were in a bit of a daze, but a more lively crowd started to gather come 9:30, and the atmosphere really picked up! Since the match was at CCCU, the home team definitely had more support, but this didn’t put Kent off, if anything it made them play harder and better! There were a few closely fought matches, but for the most part, Kent had it in the bag! They only actually lost one match! Yana, the women’s captain said: ‘The atmosphere was so good! It’s also great that we get to watch other sports, and support our other teams!’ The women’s team won 7-1 and the men’s won 8-0.

Written by Grace Pocock


Women’s Volleyball: KENT WIN!

Time: 11:30

Place: CCCU Sports Centre

Final Score: 3-2

In the first quarter the Women’s team took a hard hit, falling 4 points behind and unable to get the ball back over from CCCU’s serve. Kent made a comeback and the score was tight for the entire quarter until losing 22-25, holding them off of the match point. The enthusiasm started to falter as Kent were not used to losing against CCCU, a dangerously low atmosphere. Kicked off the second game with high energy, and took the lead with 25-17. A close third game heated up the competition, and an amazing play where CCCU persevered and received all of Kent’s hit until one fateful tip disoriented them long enough to let the ball drop. Catching up to us in the final numbers: 23-24 seemingly unable to hit that final point. In the last game the energy was high and determined. The last match point had us stuck until CCCU defeated Kent 26-24. In the final game Kent was close until 12-12. Kent received 2 points and coach called a timeline at 14-12. Kent were consistent and beat CCCU 14-12, leaving Kent with 3 games won and CCCU 2 games won. KENT WIN!

Written by Connie Enzler


Men’s Volleyball: CCCU


Time: 2pm

Place: CCCU Sports Centre

Final Score: 0-3

Losing all three games played, the Kent team sadly lost their fight in Men’s Volleyball. In the first game, we struggled with receiving, leaving the scoreboard on 12-31. Frustration started to kick in and Kent came back with 22-23 until a loss of 25-22. In the second game, it was closed with strong serves back and forth only one point behind until we lost with 17-25. In the last game, it was a good start and strong blocks but still missed lots of hits going out. The score was 7-4 when the energy dropped completely. Kent caught up with 22-23 and then lost with 22-25. A great fight but a sad loss for Team Kent.

Written by Connie Enzler


Women’s Basketball: CCCU

Time: 5pm

Place: CCCU Sports Centre

Final Score: 37-69

This evening hosted the women’s firsts basketball match. The turnout was great, with lots of cheers to encourage the girls. The first quarter was close, but ended in 15-11 to CCCU. The second quarter finished in 31-16, so the team tried to step up their defence. The girls attempted to claw it back in the third quarter but ended with 42-27, despite some spectacular play. The last quarter saw the score result in 69-47 with a buzzer beater from CCCU finishing the game off.

Written by Victoria Rees


Men’s Basketball: KENT WIN!


Time: 7pm

Place: CCCU Sports Centre

Final Score: 64-41

The men’s basketball firsts team played wonderfully, with a huge crowd to cheer them on. The first quarter was extremely close, but CCCU managed to gain ground resulting in 14-10. However, UKC pulled together and fought back, getting a score of 15-27 in the second quarter. They went from strength to strength as the third quarter ended with 29-40. The last quarter saw some brilliant play, with two three-pointers being scored in a row. The end result of 41-64 meant the team’s win for their 2018 varsity.

Written by Victoria Rees


Kent – 8, CCCU – 3



A great show from Team Kent today, rolling in four more wins, putting us five points ahead, powering through for the Varsity title 2018! Well done to Badminton who pulled it out the bag and great efforts from both the Basketball and Volleyball teams. We’re heading back to CCCU tomorrow to report on Jiu Jitsu and a whole day of Netball with plays from all four teams. Then we’ll be back to the Pavilion to watch the Kent Falcons and their American Football varsity after being absent from Varsity last year. Let’s go Team Kent! Keeping up the wins!

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