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Varsity 2018 Day 4: Jiu Jitsu, Netball and American Football

Caitlin Casey

Caitlin Casey is the Sports Website Editor and has been a part of the Women’s Lacrosse team since her first year. Caitlin enjoys writing about Team Kent as well as entertainment and investigative articles.

Day 4 of Varsity was packed with heavy performances, heading over to CCCU’s home turf to watch to Jiu Jitsu team in a great fight and then a whole day packed with Netball games, Kent leading with a comfortable streak until a very close game with the Netball 1s. InQuire headed over to a cold evening outside the Parkwood Pavilion where the Kent Falcons fought through the snow and hail to conquer the Christ Church Chargers in their Varsity and BUCS match of American football.

Jiu Jitsu: CCCU


Time: 9am

Place: CCCU Sports Centre

In Jiu Jitsu both teams go face to face and the judges mark them in categories – control, attack, disarm, technique – and rate them out of ten. Things got intense when Kent’s president came up to fight and took down each opponent within a few seconds. Each man lined up to face one another and took on players against Christ Church. The CCCU president came up against the UKC president and returns three time. CCCU had a quick fault when their president took a break with the first aid for his bleeding toe. Overall, a good fight from both sides but CCCU couldn’t beat UKC in the four categories of Jiu Jitsu.

Written by Alicia Sanctuary









1s: CCCU




Time: 11am-8pm

Place: CCCU Sports Centre

An intense day for all the Netball teams, Kent fought hard for their titles in every league. The crowd was highly lead by CCCU supporters on their home ground but could not break the atmosphere of Kent’s teams and possession was well held by Kent. Starting off well, Kent defeated Christ Church with comfortable wins with CCCU being unable to get their goals above 16. Speaking to Jenna, the captain of the 3s team, she told inQuire that she was “incredibly proud” of her team, and couldn’t be happier with the result, that they had fought hard for. With a hard league for the 2s, Jenna wasn’t certain whether we’d be able to hold our streak, but the 2s pulled it off with an incredible lead of 30 points. The 1s Netball team face a far closer game, the points barely edging away from eachother until CCCU overtook and beat UKC with a two point lead.

American Football: KENT WIN!


Time: 7pm

Place: Pavilion

Final Score: 20-0

Set in a frosty scene, the Kent Falcons headed onto the Pavilion pitches for their Varsity (and also official BUCS game) against Christ Church Chargers. With fans freezing up at the Pavilion cafe, and Kent Cheer at the sidelines cheering our team on, the snow could not hold the Falcons back on their amazing defensive line and charging offence. Even after losing their only Quarterback mid-way through the game, the Falcons headed straight to victory and left the Chargers out in the cold.

Make sure you catch our exclusive interview with team-mates Fez, Jersey and President Joe Ganly speaking about what this win means for the undefeated Falcons and how they prepared for this intense Varsity win. Read the interview on the website in the next few days!

Kent – 12, CCCU – 5



Well done to the Jiu Jitsu, Netball and Kent Falcons teams who fought hard to put Kent in an even bigger lead than they were before. Even in long days and snowy evenings, Team Kent keep on pushing through for the Varsity title! Tomorrow, we have one of the biggest days of the whole of Varsity, where InQuire will be reporting at the Pavilion on Tennis, Football and Hockey, and we’ll see if CCCU can overcome their losses so far.

Keep it up, Team Kent, and lets get that Varsity title in our hands! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for constant daily updates on Kent wins and scores throughout games!


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Come back tomorrow for some more great Varsity coverage!

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