Laure Prouvost’s Tea Party Wins Turner Prize


Laure Prouvost’s Tea Party Wins Turner Prize

Emilie Harris reports on this year’s winner of the prestigious Turner Prize and those who narrowly missed out.
On the 2 of December, Laure Prouvost was announced as the winner … Continue Reading →

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Perfect Lines: Old Masters in Print at The Beaney

Henry Broome examines the contents of The Beaney’s latest exhibition and gets the final word from the curator, Kystryna Matyjaszkiewicz.
There is one question above all that … Continue Reading →

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Banksy’s Latest Statement

Banksy, a forward thinking master of political art or a man with a spray can that got lucky? Felix Morris reports on his latest escape and casts a critical eye over Britain’s … Continue Reading →


Art Review: Alfred Drury and the New Sculpture

University of Kent is hosting an exhibition at the Studio 3 gallery on Alfred Drury’s work and his influences. Emilie Harris gives some insight into the exhibition.
Even as an … Continue Reading →


Keep Calm And Be Original!

Sophie Hand writes about the student poster cliches we are all to familiar with, including super-hero posters, cartoons and the scourge of the ‘Keep Calm…’ phenomenon.
So, … Continue Reading →


A Change in Accessibility

The internet has changed a lot of things, and the arts industry has both suffered and profited from these changes. Simon Terhaag considers how things are different for the artist of … Continue Reading →

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Two-Faced Fame – celebrity or commodity?

For those of you who didn’t know, the University of Kent has a Print Collecting and Curating module specifically for final-year History & Philosophy of Art undergraduate students. … Continue Reading →


Is Instagram Changing the Face of Photography?

Instagram launched in 2010 by Apple’s App store as a photo sharing database, available to android and iPhone as a free app. The idea for Instagram is to connect people through the … Continue Reading →


Top 5 YouTube Videos of the Week

The top 5 videos of this week include some amazing art, unusual experiences and as always with youtube videos, some humour.
The first video puts forward the following question: … Continue Reading →


The Art of Gaming: Technology Take-Over of the MoMa

The Museum of Modern Art shocked critics around the world early this month upon the opening of ‘Applied Design’: an exhibit of video games. Fourteen titles have been bestowed a … Continue Reading →

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