Ched Evans topic

There is a victim who needs sympathy, support and a second chance… and it is not Ched Evans

The debate surrounding whether the convicted rapist Ched Evans should be allowed to return to football has, at times, horrified me. His 19 year old victim has been completely forgotten … Continue Reading →
Emma Watson and the 'HeForShe' Campaign

“Feminism is shouting, but the movement is a whisper.”

Every time I hear the word feminism, my life expectancy decreases. The movement is hot in the headlines and has invaded the internet, sparking at times very unpleasant and divisive … Continue Reading →

Whisper it, but the Farage factor is protecting politics

Chris Chambers argues that Nigel Farage is an “incredibly important part of politics in Britain” and that we ” should be thankful that Ukip provide another perspective”. —— “Does … Continue Reading →

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