Remarkable Ice Show Comes To The Marlowe

Prepare to be dazzled this week at the Marlowe Theatre thanks to the phenomenal production of Beauty and the Beast on Ice, by the Russian Ice Stars. Whilst you would be forgiven for … Continue Reading →
family tree

Meet The Ancestors

Jessica Mills goes back to her roots and tells us why she became interested in genealogy and how she went about compiling a family tree. As a history student, I admit I probably have … Continue Reading →

The Return of the Comic

With the recent surge of popularity in Manga and high grossing superhero movies, the comic format and everything associated with it is at an all time high. Callum Tyndall gives his … Continue Reading →

Laure Prouvost’s Tea Party Wins Turner Prize

Emilie Harris reports on this year’s winner of the prestigious Turner Prize and those who narrowly missed out. On the 2 of December, Laure Prouvost was announced as the winner … Continue Reading →

The Marlowe Theatre Vs. Canterbury Cathedral: A Look at Canterbury’s Architecture

Which is better, the iconic Canterbury Cathedral or the dazzling new Marlowe Theatre? Emile Harris casts a critical eye towards Canterbury’s diverse range of architecture. The … Continue Reading →
fox and hare

Christmas Adverts: Artworks or Overrated Promotions?

Can adverts be art? Lucia Ennis gives her opinion on all the ‘artsy’ adverts that have hit our screens this festive season. It’s John Lewis’s most wonderful time of … Continue Reading →

Tea and Croissants:You Have Been Stereotyped

  Marianne Cazaux brings back the age old Anglo-French feud in the form of stereotypes and reminds us of their absurdity. What could be more annoying than listening to people … Continue Reading →

Folklore, Disney and Shakespeare: An Interview with Mark Hayward, Producer of Grimm Fairytales

Emma Greenacre talks to Mark Hayward, Producer of Grimm Fairy Tales, about amphibians being thrown against walls to break spells, evil step-sisters having their eyes pecked out, … Continue Reading →

Canterbury in Pictures: Autumn

Canterbury is a scenic town in it’s own right but there’s no doubt the changing of the seasons gives it a fresh, vibrant new look. This week both Jessica Mills and Sian … Continue Reading →
fan fic

Fan-Fiction: Undervalued Masterpieces or Over-Hyped Trash?

Fan-fictions: are they undervalued masterpieces in the making or over-hyped trash? Sarah Kersey argues that the newest craze in literature has actually been around a lot longer than … Continue Reading →

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