Cameron’s Quest to Fence Out Europe.

Otto Ilveskero discusses David Cameron’s EU policy and the feasability of a restricted immigration policy —- “Complete panic,” Lib Dem party leader Nick Clegg … Continue Reading →
Broadcasters have invited the Ukip leader to take part in one of three televised debates [GETTY]

“So why are Ukip being allowed to participate but not any of the other minority parties?” – Fraser Whieldon on the General Election TV Debates

Fraser Whieldon discusses the inclusion of Nigel Farage in the TV Debates for the General Election 2015, and the exclusion of the Green Party and SNP. ——————— The … Continue Reading →

A Day Off from Gove’s ‘British Values’

Ginny Sanderson gives her view on the public sector strikes on 10th July. If I was a school pupil, I’m sure I wouldn’t mind taking a day off from Gove’s British Values (which … Continue Reading →

David Cameron Cancels G8 Summit in Russia

Due to recent events concerning Crimea’s annexation to Russia, David Cameron has declared that the G8 Summit will not take place in Russia this year. Russia’s annexation of … Continue Reading →

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