Dr Marian Duggan and Dr Phil Hubbard. Photo by: Josh Hards

The Feminist Society’s lad culture conference

As part of International Women’s Day, the Feminist Society at the University of Kent (UKC) presented a conference on the topic of “lad culture”. The conference included … Continue Reading →
Photo by Tina Leggio | Flickr

Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision

We have come a long way since the pursuit for women’s right to vote and emancipation from their subordination to the testosterone-filled species. Or have we not? The opening statement … Continue Reading →

9 books every woman should read

As a woman at university with a hectic schedule, it can often be hard to find a good book worth getting stuck into, so to help get you started here’s a list of nine books every woman … Continue Reading →
Matt in his 'offensive' shirt. Photo: Twitter (@mggtTaylor)

On the #ShirtStorm of Rosetta’s Matt Taylor

In the last few weeks, a #Shirtstorm has taken hold of many platforms of social media and web report sites such as “Verge” and “Times”. What is proclaimed to have occurred, … Continue Reading →
Emma Watson and the 'HeForShe' Campaign

“Feminism is shouting, but the movement is a whisper.”

Every time I hear the word feminism, my life expectancy decreases. The movement is hot in the headlines and has invaded the internet, sparking at times very unpleasant and divisive … Continue Reading →
male feminism

The Male Feminist

  In a society where being a feminist is still often scoffed at Henry Mendoza offers us the reasoning behind identifying himself as a male feminist. “I’m not a … Continue Reading →

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