Cunningham – A Motion Picture

Jake Cunningham imagines his life as a blockbuster directed by Wes Anderson. Or possibly Spike Jonze.   Cunningham – Directed by Wes Anderson Spike Jonze We open on a close … Continue Reading →

Film Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

‘So we probably wouldn’t have done five films without that kind of story… family conflict is… you can always relate to, um… I don’t know about the, what do you think about … Continue Reading →

Musicals: The Film Adaptations – Friend or Foe?

There was a time when musicals were ubiquitous at the cinema and audiences would dress up to go, as the idea was that it was just like seeing the show itself. Back in the day, the … Continue Reading →

My Favourite Foreign Film: Bicycle Thieves

I must admit, before I started university nearly two years ago, foreign film was something very alien to me. A genre which I never suspected that I would be interested in. However, … Continue Reading →
An Academy Award

The Politics of the Academy Awards

  In contemporary cinema, making a film is about more than a blend of cinematography and skill. It is about branding, marketing, selling, selling, and selling. Welcome to the … Continue Reading →

Timeless Films: The Shining

You know that itch you get between your shoulder blades because you’re worried a madman is about to swing an axe into your back? No? Then you haven’t seen The Shining… A lake … Continue Reading →
Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 9.41.17 PM

Free Range: Experimental Music, Film and Poetry

Finding the back entrance of The Veg Box is an unnerving experience. Threading down a dark, motionless lane, then on through an empty car park towards a rusty fire escape, it feels … Continue Reading →

Film Soundtracks: The Unsung Heroes

There are certain films which appear time after time in lists celebrating the ‘Best Film Soundtracks/Scores’, but plenty which are overlooked for different reasons. Sometimes it … Continue Reading →

Le Grand Monde du Cinéma: The Second Instalment

  Ah, there you are! Where have you been? When I last saw you we’d travelled from France to Italy on our grand cinematic voyage around the wide world of foreign-language film … Continue Reading →

Film Review: Silver Linings Playbook

Following the success of 2010’s boxing drama The Fighter, also nominated in the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards, comes David O Russell’s offbeat romantic dramedy Silver … Continue Reading →

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