Continued unrest in Iraq


Continued unrest in Iraq

Recent waves of attacks in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Mosul have left at least 11 dead and 20 wounded. One of the attacks left three dead in a shooting spree in the Iraqi capital … Continue Reading →


My Favourite Foreign Film: Bicycle Thieves

I must admit, before I started university nearly two years ago, foreign film was something very alien to me. A genre which I never suspected that I would be interested in. However, … Continue Reading →


Le Grand Monde du Cinéma: The Second Instalment

Ah, there you are! Where have you been? When I last saw you we’d travelled from France to Italy on our grand cinematic voyage around the wide world of foreign-language film … Continue Reading →

Foreign Film

Le Grand Monde du Cinéma: An Introduction to Foreign Film

We experience many different pleasures in watching film, one of which, rooted deep within the often overarching conceit of escapism itself, is the concept of cultural tourism. Most … Continue Reading →

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