France’s New Equality Bill: Will it Work?

France’s New Equality Bill: Will it Work?

Jessica Mills expresses her support for the equality bill currently being debated in the French Parliament.
The French government has recently proposed a new wide-ranging bill attempting … Continue Reading →

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A Year in Paris #2: Travel Blog

Nat Tipping blogs more updates from her year at a Parisian university. This time, she outlines the main differences between the UK and France’s universities.
Although a compulsory … Continue Reading →


Tea and Croissants:You Have Been Stereotyped

Marianne Cazaux brings back the age old Anglo-French feud in the form of stereotypes and reminds us of their absurdity.
What could be more annoying than listening to people … Continue Reading →

A Year in Paris: Travel Blog

‘Bonjour, je suis étudiante Erasmus…’
Sitting in my one bedroom flat on the outskirts of Paris and wondering how I ever ended up here, I’ve finally made it. I’m on my … Continue Reading →

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French military intervenes in Mali

Fighting in northern Mali continues, with an ongoing French military intervention still combating Islamist rebels of the region.
Having been France’s colony until 1960, Mali appealed … Continue Reading →

Foreign Film

Le Grand Monde du Cinéma: An Introduction to Foreign Film

We experience many different pleasures in watching film, one of which, rooted deep within the often overarching conceit of escapism itself, is the concept of cultural tourism. Most … Continue Reading →

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