A Beginners Guide to Student Blogs

  If you are looking for a break from reading your university texts, getting addicted to blogs may be the answer. Here is our guide to student blogs guaranteed to help you through … Continue Reading →

A Change in Accessibility

The internet has changed a lot of things, and the arts industry has both suffered and profited from these changes. Simon Terhaag considers how things are different for the artist of … Continue Reading →
The Lass Bible

No, I’m not a Lass – I’m a girl!

Social Media – the new way to connect with friends, colleagues and class-mates, and the new way to create a rather unflattering image of yourself. Or apparently a whole group of … Continue Reading →

Internet and Publishing: A Match Made in Literary Heaven?

The age of the Internet is upon us, gone are the days of hand written diaries, serialised novellas and the anticipation of a book to be released in paperback. As we continue to progress … Continue Reading →

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