The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Cast Interview

The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Cast Interview

Newspaper Comment Editor Ginny Sanderson and Newspaper Culture Editor Rebekah Chilvers caught up with Howard Coggins and Stuart McLoughlin – writers and actors behind The Six Wives … Continue Reading →

Blink: A True Love Story at The Marlowe Studio

Thomas Pickles and Lizzy Watts are on stage for 70 minutes. No interval, no scene change, not a single break from their relentless love story from the moment the curtain goes up, to … Continue Reading →

Jack and the Beanstalk

Interview with Jack and the Beanstalk Cast

As the pantomime season kicks off, InQuire’s Emma Shelton and Dan English chat to Samantha Womack (Eastenders) and Phil Gallagher (CBeebies’ Mister Maker), lead actors in this … Continue Reading →

abigails party image

The Only Way Is Abigail’s Party

Back in the days of soliciting strangers outside ASDA to go in and buy you White Lightning, lest your Friday be a flop, I went to one of Abigail’s parties. Having booted her mum … Continue Reading →


Tina Turner Musical Is Simply The Best

Are you counting down the hours until you go home? Do you need something to watch? Do you like Tina Turner (not completely compulsory)? Then this is simply the best.
Soul Sister, straight … Continue Reading →


Birdsong play comes to the Marlowe

Sebastian Faulks’ acclaimed drama Birdsong has descended upon the Marlowe Theatre this week, engrossing audiences by bringing the horrors of World War One to life on stage.
The plot … Continue Reading →


A Review of High Society: 1956 Classic Revitalised

The classic 1956 MGM musical ‘High Society’ which originally starred Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Bing Crosby, has been revamped and revitalised for a new touring production … Continue Reading →


A Review of Hardeep Singh Kohli’s Kanjoos: The Miser

At the Marlowe Theatre, Hardeep Singh Kohli has transported Molière’s French 17th century farce to modern India; however, it is the language of austerity, not Mumbai, which … Continue Reading →


Stomp perform at the Marlowe Theatre

Have you ever thought: “My life is seriously lacking in shows based around percussion with household objects”? If so, then you need to see Stomp.
Stomp was created in Brighton … Continue Reading →

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