A Guide to Doge: Much article. Very journalist. Wow.

InQuire Doge

A Guide to Doge: Much article. Very journalist. Wow.

Alec Pearce explains where the most popular meme of 2014 has come from and why we just can’t get enough.
As an avid internet user and devoted disciple of the almighty Doge, I … Continue Reading →


Is FROW the way to go?

Website Culture Editor Natalie Turco-Williams looks at where the real power of fashion sits during fashion week.
Amongst the suave, the swank and the sophisticated – there’s only … Continue Reading →

Candy Crush

Game Developers: Business Genius or just Big Egos?

Euan Anckorn looks at the recent controversies in the app gaming industry.
Are developers of smash hits like Candy Crush Saga and Flappy Bird scheming, Machiavellian business supremoes, … Continue Reading →

Really? Neknominate

Really? Neknominations

Alec Pearce and Emma Brazell use their own neknomination experiences to consider whether the new social media craze is worth trying.
Why not? It’s just a bit of harmless fun
Over … Continue Reading →

whaling faroe islands

Whaling in the Faroe Islands: Your Culture, My Rules

James Shinnie argues against the double standards of the Western condemnation of whaling.
Quite recently my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been clogged by the presence of a Chinese … Continue Reading →


KTV and the NaSTAS

Voting for the NaSTA People’s Choice Awards closes at 7pm tonight, the 14th of June. The University of Kent’s very own KTV has been shortlisted for five awards, including The … Continue Reading →

Media Woolwich

Media and the Woolwich Attack: Why We Should be Wary of ‘Viral’ Terrorism

I really love those adverts of people in spectacular, awe inspiring places, aiming their iPhones at the view trying to capture the moment in digital form. Then the catchphrase comes … Continue Reading →


Spotted and Overheard: The death of culture and romance

Any fans of the concept of culture will understand why social media is without a doubt the worst innovation of living memory. The main reason for my diatribe is that … Continue Reading →

Obama on Twitter

“It would be funny if Obama gets assassinated on MLK Day…just saying”

And why exactly would that be funny? “Cus they are both black it would be ironic.” This, apparently, is the opinion of an average American teenager.
On Monday 21 January 2013, … Continue Reading →

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