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Inquire’s Alternative Evening Ideas

Farah Chowdhury rounds up the best of alternative nights out in Canterbury, what’s good to do when the rain falls and you don’t fancy heading to the usual places? What … Continue Reading →

Student Numbers to be Uncapped, Student Loans Sold Off

  Earlier this month in the annual Autumn Statement, Chancellor George Osbourne announced that the cap on student numbers will be lifted, allowing England’s universities to … Continue Reading →

No Higher Tuition Fees, Says Nick Clegg

Following claims of a £70 million funding deficit for Oxford University, the university’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton has argued that first-rate education “will … Continue Reading →

10 Alternative Films to See Before You Graduate

Watching films is just as much a part of student culture as attending lectures, but with unlimited movies at our fingertips you can be forgiven for not knowing where to start. Luckily, … Continue Reading →

Students Face Increasing Financial Hardship

According to a recent study by the National Union of Students (NUS), juggling finances while at university is becoming harder than ever, with students at times struggling to budget … Continue Reading →

KTV and the NaSTAS

Voting for the NaSTA People’s Choice Awards closes at 7pm tonight, the 14th of June. The University of Kent’s very own KTV has been shortlisted for five awards, including The … Continue Reading →

Was Doing a Degree the Right Choice?

The summer I spent waiting for my A-Level results was the summer one of my friends (let’s call her Sarah) from sixth form started in her HR position for a local business. She did … Continue Reading →

InQuire Speaks To:’s Head Stylist, Kate Holroyd

Can you describe your typical working day as a boohoo stylist? Gladly! Firstly, I’ll find out which model I’ve got for the day, and do some research, find some inspiration, look … Continue Reading →

Top Ten Lies Students Tell

Student life really is like no other. It’s the independence and freedom you’ve been craving for 18 years. There’s so much to do and see and try out. But sometimes, is it … Continue Reading →

Campus Trader: You’ve Read the Article, Now Learn How to Navigate the Site.

In the latest issue of InQuire, you would have read my article about Campus Trader, an online multi-university trading website founded in 2011by Rickin Patel, a final year student here … Continue Reading →

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