TV Diary: Great British Bake Off

As the Great British Bake Off ramps up, InQuire’s Hannah Gilder takes a look at the Semi-Final of the baking showdown. Watch out for her diary on the final next week! Inevitably, … Continue Reading →
TV summer

InQuire’s 5 Summer Netflix Picks

Summers are for long days, festivals and whirlwind romances. Well, at least it was in the 90s. Alas, now it’s a time of trying to find work experience, part-time jobs and seeing … Continue Reading →

The Viper and the Mountain

Ginny laments the latest Game of Thrones episode. Spoilers ahead, obviously. The Mountain and the Viper features one of the most gruesome Game of Thrones moments to date. That is an … Continue Reading →

Is YouTube the Future of Television?

As people are spending more and more time tucked behind a computer-screen, Paul Spanton asks is YouTube the future of television? Google Chairman Eric Schmidt made a bold statement … Continue Reading →

Are Adverts Seen as a Form of Entertainment Now, Because so Much Money is Spent on Them?

Adverts have evolved substantially throughout the years with millions of pounds being spent on them. Tory Gillespie asks if adverts are now a form of entertainment or if it is a waste … Continue Reading →

The Decline of Great British Game Shows

A few years ago I had a small fascination for a show called Goldenballs. I’m not sure whether it was because of my love for immature euphemisms – whenever tortoise-faced Jasper … Continue Reading →

Black Mirror Review Season 2 Episode 1: Be Right Back

Black Mirror shocked viewers in its first season, with perceptively designed dystopia’s that seemed distantly, but at the same time easily conceivable. In this first episode of the … Continue Reading →

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