David Cameron Cancels G8 Summit in Russia


David Cameron Cancels G8 Summit in Russia

Due to recent events concerning Crimea’s annexation to Russia, David Cameron has declared that the G8 Summit will not take place in Russia this year.
Russia’s annexation of … Continue Reading →


Proposed Minimum Price for Alcohol in the UK

The new government proposal to set a minimum price of 45 pence per unit of alcohol could dramatically decrease the rising levels of alcoholism in the UK, researchers have stated.
The … Continue Reading →


Plans to Change A-Level Schooling System in the UK to Baccalaureate

To retain their place as a competitive nation in an ever increasingly globalised world, the UK is considering a change to its established A-level system.
International competition … Continue Reading →


First Lecturer Strike in 2014

Lecturer strikes are to be held again this month, as professors continue to push for a raise in pay.
The Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) has set in action a series of three two-hour … Continue Reading →


Breathalyser Scheme to be Initiated in UK Clubs

The introduction of breathalysers in clubs is running its trial phase in UK clubs, a program designed to curb drunk violence.
“Are you trollied? #DeepBreath” is the slogan coined … Continue Reading →


Graduate Job Prospects on a Rise

Job prospects for graduates of 2014 are looking good – as good as before the recession.
Research has shown that job prospects now take graduate vacancy levels back to 2007, when … Continue Reading →


Record Low Inflation Rate in the UK

Britain’s inflation rate, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index, has fallen to 2%, hitting the government-set target in December 2013.
This is the first time that the UK’s rate … Continue Reading →


More Focus on a Fair Internship System

The government has recently announced that it is going to begin providing more help and information to interns, in order to ensure they are paid for the work they do.
The Department … Continue Reading →


British Universities to Introduce GPA System

The current 200-year old degree classification system in Britain is set to be replaced by the American grade-point average (GPA) system in approximately 20 universities and colleges, … Continue Reading →


The Decline of Great British Game Shows

A few years ago I had a small fascination for a show called Goldenballs. I’m not sure whether it was because of my love for immature euphemisms – whenever tortoise-faced Jasper … Continue Reading →

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