Your Union Zones

Kent Union will remain associated with Student Republic after a powerful no vote with the back of over 120 students at the Your Union Zone on Tuesday 11th February. Students present … Continue Reading →

New UKC Law Building Planned for 2015

A new law building is to be built next to the current law school. Kent Law Campaign are holding a 5km Fun Run on the 3rd of November to fundraise in support. The Kent Law School are … Continue Reading →

KTV and the NaSTAS

Voting for the NaSTA People’s Choice Awards closes at 7pm tonight, the 14th of June. The University of Kent’s very own KTV has been shortlisted for five awards, including The … Continue Reading →

The Book Project

Doing a reading of any piece you’ve written to an audience you’ve, for the most part, never met before, is something akin to standing naked in front of a panel of prospective employers; … Continue Reading →
UKC against human trafficking promo 2013

UKC Against Human Trafficking to hold awareness-raising football match

On Thursday 21st March, UKC Against Human Trafficking, a student-led volunteer group (or SLVG), will be hosting a Female Football Match to raise awareness of the modern issues surrounding … Continue Reading →

Introducing UKC Pirate Society

Ahoy! T’ UKC Pirate Society be recruitin’ and we want you for our crew! We’re a merry band o’ Rogues and Scoundrels whose pillage and plunder see us helpin’ … Continue Reading →

Charity event takes place at opening of new Indoor Tennis Centre

To celebrate the opening of the new Indoor Tennis Centre on campus University of Kent Sport held a charity tennis event on the 28th February at the Pavilion. The money raised was for … Continue Reading →
Kent uni

Power Cut brings UKC to a halt

The University of Kent’s bustling Canterbury campus was brought to a standstill yesterday afternoon after a campus-wide power cut that lasted 6 hours. Shortly after the … Continue Reading →

Proposed plans to build fence amid security concerns for new Chaucer Fields accomodation

Following concerns voiced by St. Edmund’s School, plans are being proposed to erect a two-metre high security fence around a new accommodation block for University of Kent at Canterbury … Continue Reading →

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