UKC Currents Affairs and Politics Society host General Elections Hustings

The UKC Currents Affairs and Politics Society (UKC CAPS) hosted a hustings session in Rutherford Lecture Theatre 1 on 12 February. The hustings was chaired by the society, and involved … Continue Reading →
nigel farage

School assembly links UKIP to the Holocaust

Chellaston Academy in Derby is facing legal action as well as an investigation from the Department of Education, after likening UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, to a Nazi propagandist. The … Continue Reading →

“Oh, I don’t vote. It’s not like it’ll make a difference.”

“Oh, I don’t vote. It’s not like it’ll make a difference.” That right there, is a defeatist statement. The sort that’s trotted out not just by young people or students, … Continue Reading →
Farage isn't the only one who can cause a bit of noise. Oh, and 10 points to the first person to photoshop this image....Photo: Michael Preston

One man and an army can make an awful lot of noise, but I know our outward-looking generation can be just as loud.

The last two weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride in politics for the ever-increasing right-wing Ukip – and me! We started off the year with Farage’s Army – … Continue Reading →
Ukip and Britain First together. Photo: Britain First (Facebook)

Britain First and Ukip: “If there’s something we don’t need in this country, it’s more hate and prejudice.”

Last week, Britain First and Ukip were observed to be campaigning alongside one another in Rochester with Britain First candidate Jayden Fransen stated “we’re telling people to … Continue Reading →

Cameron’s Quest to Fence Out Europe.

Otto Ilveskero discusses David Cameron’s EU policy and the feasability of a restricted immigration policy —- “Complete panic,” Lib Dem party leader Nick Clegg … Continue Reading →

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