University of Kent Resorts to Extreme Budget Cuts Under Financial Pressure

Students of Kent University prepare to get your hands dirty and get in you’re protesting positions. This morning, the University of Kent announced in their Financial Management Report … Continue Reading →

Controversial Kent Union Leadership Election Brochure

Kent Union leadership elections are approaching – heralded this year by a controversial image. Leaflets advertising the upcoming leadership elections, which are currently being … Continue Reading →

Gavin Esler Appointed New Chancellor of the University of Kent

Gavin Esler, an award-winning journalist for the BBC and a Kent alumnus, has been appointed as the new Chancellor of the University of Kent. He takes the role from Professor Sir Robert … Continue Reading →

Fire in Parkwood’s Purchas Court Causes Roof to Collapse

In the early hours of the morning a fire broke out on the University of Kent Campus, in Parkwood’s Purchas Court. The fire is thought to have started around 3am on Tuesday morning, … Continue Reading →
application form

Falling University Applications

Applications to UK universities have fallen by 3% compared to the same time last year, according to interim figures published by Universities and Colleges Admission Services (UCAS). This … Continue Reading →
parkwood incident

Reported Assault at the University of Kent

Police have cordoned off and shut part of the Park Wood path while they investigate a reported incident of assault. Kent Police told InQuire that the assault is said to have taken … Continue Reading →

Art Review: Alfred Drury and the New Sculpture

University of Kent is hosting an exhibition at the Studio 3 gallery on Alfred Drury’s work and his influences. Emilie Harris gives some insight into the exhibition. Even as an … Continue Reading →

Further Stagecoach Changes

As of 22nd September this year, the 6X Stagecoach bus will no longer stop at Canterbury West station. The bus connecting Canterbury with Whitstable and Herne Bay formerly had three … Continue Reading →
Party in the Car Park

Party in the Car Park: the summer ball review

The summer ball of 2013, this time under the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin guise of ‘Party In The Car Park’, did not fail to deliver energetic performances, fairground rides, professional … Continue Reading →

A History of Student Protests

After the recent protests at the University of Sussex ( over the “enforced privatisation of University … Continue Reading →

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