Your Union Zones

Kent Union will remain associated with Student Republic after a powerful no vote with the back of over 120 students at the Your Union Zone on Tuesday 11th February. Students present … Continue Reading →

First Lecturer Strike in 2014

Lecturer strikes are to be held again this month, as professors continue to push for a raise in pay. The Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) has set in action a series of three two-hour … Continue Reading →

Breathalyser Scheme to be Initiated in UK Clubs

The introduction of breathalysers in clubs is running its trial phase in UK clubs, a program designed to curb drunk violence. “Are you trollied? #DeepBreath” is the slogan coined … Continue Reading →

Graduate Job Prospects on a Rise

Job prospects for graduates of 2014 are looking good – as good as before the recession. Research has shown that job prospects now take graduate vacancy levels back to 2007, when … Continue Reading →

No Lecture Segregation by Gender

University leaders have withdrawn a previous statement that would have allowed universities to segregate lectures by gender. Universities UK (UUK) previously released guidance concerning … Continue Reading →

Student Numbers to be Uncapped, Student Loans Sold Off

  Earlier this month in the annual Autumn Statement, Chancellor George Osbourne announced that the cap on student numbers will be lifted, allowing England’s universities to … Continue Reading →

Government Loan Sale

£890 million worth of loans taken out by students between 1990-1998 have been sold to Erudio Student Loans, a debt management consortium, for £160m. The sale, confirmed by ministers … Continue Reading →

British Universities to Introduce GPA System

The current 200-year old degree classification system in Britain is set to be replaced by the American grade-point average (GPA) system in approximately 20 universities and colleges, … Continue Reading →

Tuition Fees Possibly Rising to £20,000

University fees could be raised to £20,000 per year warns vice-chancellor Prof. Nick Petford. The University of Northampton vice-chancellor made the claim that university fees could … Continue Reading →

Social Sciences Shown to be the Best Degree for Employability

Social science graduates are more likely to find employment after their first degree than graduates in the sciences or arts, and a higher proportion are in managerial and senior official … Continue Reading →

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