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All the perks of Autumn

Beth Ashcroft writes about the cosy, fun and colorful perks of autumn!

Waking up to misty mornings, watching the green leaves become brown, getting the scarves and jumpers out and cuddling up in front of the fire at night; autumn is definitely here. Without a doubt the most lovable time of the year, autumn’s defining characteristics are admired everywhere. Many even say that autumn is the season of love, for what else seems more appealing than going for a long walk amongst the crimson and yellow leaves and then ending up in a small cosy café with a hot cup of pumpkin spiced latte?

Photo by Saga Rad

One of the most defining characteristics of the autumnal time of year is undoubtedly the abundance of pumpkins. Why do we love pumpkins so much? Simply due to their plethora of different uses. Jack o’ Lantern for Halloween? Of course! Pumpkin soups? No problem! Pumpkin scented candles and reed diffusers? 100%. A fantastic way to bond with someone is by carving a pumpkin together, especially if you’re not using a stencil/pre-made pattern. Your pumpkins will most probably look drunk, but at least they will be drunk together, and perfect for Instagram.

Photo by Saga Rad

Another reason to adore this stunning time of year? Everybody has their bowls of sweets ready at the door, have their spookiest costumes set to go and scary films queued up on the television. You guessed it; Halloween! Not only is the eerie nature of Halloween enjoyable for all ages, but who doesn’t love a time of year that celebrates indulgence into sweets and chocolate? Decorations are easily accessible, not too overly expensive and don’t involve many complicated wires; even Poundland has a pleasant collection of Halloween goodies. Furthermore, Halloween’s music is magnificent. It is difficult not to appreciate the beauty of songs such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, and songs such as ‘The Monster Mash’ and ‘This is Halloween’ are the perfect songs for any Halloween party. Also not to mention that it is the time of year to get creative; there are some breath-taking costumes to appreciate. But even if you aren’t necessarily the artsy type, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking a sheet over your head and claiming you’re Casper the Friendly Ghost (it is also the perfect time to dress your pets without being judged).

Aside from the beauty of the clothing, food and holidays, autumn also has a magnificent impact on nature. It is the time where animals change their behaviour; squirrels bury their acorns, birds fly south, ladybirds and other creepy crawlies seek warmth and comfort within our homes (which maybe isn’t such a great thing). Furthermore, animals such as hedgehogs and bats stock up and lots of fruit and nuts in order to create body fat for the winter. If you take a look around you, it’s also pretty difficult not the spot the superb colouring of the leaves.

So all in all, it is pretty safe to say that we all adore this season. The heat of summer has drawn to a close, and we are SO ready for this excitement of the next few months.

Photo by Saga Rad

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