With deadlines fast approaching for everyone, movie nights can be the perfect way to relax. Whether you decide to binge watch films on your own, hidden away in your bed, or if you decide to have all your friends round and make a night of it, Jamie Jansen has five films from five genres that make the perfect combination for a movie night.

Let’s start off the night with a horror film. Arguably one of the best horror films comes from the horror king himself: Stephen King. Although The Shining is an older film, it is sure to still make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and create a chilling suspense for the entirety of the film.

Next, to keep the adrenaline going, let’s pop on an action film! A movie night can never go wrong with Die Hard. This film is Bruce Willis at his finest and will be entertaining even for those that are not too keen on action films as a genre.

No movie night is complete without a science fiction film, and therefore I suggest the 2009, Star Trek film. With this modern take on the original Star Trek series, it makes the film all the more interesting and Chris Pine adds some witty humour to the film.

Now to lighten the mood. The comedy I have chosen is The Hangover. With a star studded cast of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifiamakis and Heather Graham, The Hangover allows us students to laugh at the disaster of their night out, whilst secretly realising that this is our worst fear… That we might wake up in some unknown bedroom, with our friend missing after a night at Venue.

And lastly, no movie night is complete without a romcom. The ultimate ending to the night comes from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This film is the perfect balance of romance and comedy.