UKC Against Human Trafficking to hold awareness-raising football match

UKC Against Human Trafficking to hold awareness-raising football match

On Thursday 21st March, UKC Against Human Trafficking, a student-led volunteer group (or SLVG), will be hosting a Female Football Match to raise awareness of the modern issues surrounding human trafficking.

The event, involving a football game exclusively for females, aims to raise money for the charity Love146, which provides care and support for children who have been victims of human trafficking. The organisation’s campaign that the SLVG is supporting, Run for Love 1000, aims to raise £150,000 to go towards “the first national programme dedicated to the care and recovery of children who have been trafficked into the UK”.

Michelle Siyanbola, Treasurer of the SLVG, and organising the event as part of her KSCV Platinum award, said to InQuire: “It’s approximately two centuries since slave trade was abolished and over 60 years after Article 4 of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights banned slavery worldwide. However, what a lot of people do not know is that there are arguably more slaves right now than at any time in human history. Most trafficking victims fall prey due to naivety.

“Essentially, the football match is designed to create awareness about this disheartening issue and raise funds for Love 146.”

Click here for the public facebook event by UKC Against Human Trafficking and to find out more information.


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